How to Clean Tan Army Boots

Army boots are made to be tough and withstand harsh conditions. Whether it’s robust temperature such as hot weather or tough areas that are difficult to walk through such as the hot and heavy sand of the desert or the tough terrains with the steep Rocky Mountains they will get you through it no problems.

These boots are made of heavier leather compared to your standard leather shoes to aid in these hard situations.

The soul of the boot is hard rubber that is excellent in those rocky areas we were talking about; it cushions the sole of the feet not to feel the stones.

The more extended structure at the ankle is longer to keep water, sand or mad from entering the boot. And finally, the most critical aspect of these tan army boots is that the boot is made for extreme comfort.

Compete with ankle support to keep your ankle from spraining. Wow, they thought of everything, huh?

How to Care for Combat Shoes

Okay, now that I have sold you to the idea of how awesome owning a pair of combat shoes is, I best show you the best ways to take care of them so that they serve you for a long time to come.

Combat shoes are made of different materials and thus require different methods of care according to the material they are made.

How to Care for Leather Boots

  • Brush off the dirt from the boot with a bristle brush
  • Use a moist cloth together with little soap and work it on the surface of the leather to remove hard dirt.
  • Wipe excess water and soap with a moist cloth and let air dry.
  • Use a dry cloth to buff so that the leather softens readily to get that shine on.
  • Apply a thin layer of a kind leather conditioner for boots such as mink oil with a cloth and let dry.
  • Use polish on the boots with a dry cloth the best polish being one with silicon in it. Let dry and buff to make it shine.
  • Inside of the boots should be cleaned occasionally with a moist or damp cloth with warm water and soap.
  • Use silicone spray on your boots to protect them from extreme weather.

How to Care for Suede Boots

  • Use a suede brush to brush the dirt off the boots.
  • Do not use oils or polish on suede boots.
  • Clean the inside with warm water occasionally.
  • Air dry your boots, keeping them away from direct heat.

How to Care for Nylon Fabric

  • Brush off dirt with a soft bristle brush
  • For nylon boots, you can clean the boot with a soft brush warm water and some soap
  • Air dry boots away from direct heat
  • No polish on nylon boots.

What is The Best Way to Clean Tan Boots

What is The Best Way to Clean Tan Boots

The best way of cleaning tan boots is by regularly cleaning them. Keeping your shoes with dirt on them for a long might make it tough to clean once you decide to get to it and the strict measures you might take to get rid of the tough stains might ruin the boot.

Here is how to clean combat boots and also how to protect leather boots.

  1. The moment you buy a pair of boots cleaning them should be the first thing you start thinking. Your tan boot most probably has a section where there is nylon material, and the rest of the shoe, which is the significant part is covered with suede. The nylon quarter panel is not hard to clean as you will require a moist cloth with some warm water and some soap. Let that air dry to clean the suede parts you’ll need, a suede brush or non- metallic brush, fabric conditioner and boot cleaner. If you cannot access this, then get a soft cloth or soft brush.
  2. Use the soft bristle brush or soft cloth to clean off the dirt. Do this regularly to make sure that the boot does not stain. For small areas such as around the shoelace holes, you can use a toothbrush.
  3. Stains such as mud might seem hard or complicated to get off. Fear not it’s easier than you think. Just let the mud stain dry off and use the suede brush to get the excess soil off. The stain that leaves a mark can be removed. Use dishwashing soap and warm water because the dish soap is not harsh on the suede. Use the soft cloth or sponge with the solvent and warm water and wipe off the stain. It is crucial to remember not to keep the boots indirect heat no matter how tempted you get, especially if they become wetter than you had intended while cleaning. Always air-dry your shoes. Be patient.
  4. For the inside of the boots, clean only when necessary, when the funk sets. Remove the inner soles and hand wash them with mild soap to make sure that the original shape is retained.
  5. You can clean the inner soles together with the shoelaces. You can now wipe the inside of the shoe with warm water and soap and set the boots to air dry as indicated above.

For Regular Cleaning

For daily cleaning or when you’ve worn them and need to store them clean.

  1. Purchase a boot cleaning doormat. This doormat usually has bristles on all sides such that you are removing dirt from the bottom, sides and even top of your boot at the same time.
  2. After passing your shoes through the cleaning doormat, dust off the remaining dirt from the boot, using a dry cloth.
  3. For stubborn stains, you can use a small brush or toothbrush with some warm water and dish soap in small circular motions to remove them
  4. As usual, keep away from direct heat and let them air dry.

Alternatively on Leather Tan Boots:

  1. You can remove tough stains with a stiff nylon bristle brush by carefully rubbing it against the stains.
  2. Wet a sponge and in circular motions rub the stains off without any cleaning products to preserve the leather.
  3. For stubborn stains that won’t come off from cleaning with water, use some dish soap to get them out. Dish soap is not harsh on leather and won’t dry it out.
  4. For stubborn oil stains, use baby powder. Apply generously on the stain, and let sit for about 30 minutes to absorb, brush off the excess baby powder later and wipe it down with warm water.

Anything you take good care of will undoubtedly give back to by giving service.

In addition to the above tips on how to take good care of your boot, remember not to soak your shoes in water, that will ruin them, follow the cleaning steps above as indicated.

Spray some anti-fungal into your boots during cleaning to keep from infections such athletes foot.

Remember suede and leather dries up and stiffens which might make your boots uncomfortable or look washed out, buy them some fabric conditioner to soften them and keep them looking new.

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