How to Break In Combat Boots

After buying combat boots, you need to make them get used to the contour of your feet. At first, they may feel uncomfortable, but you need to break in so that they can start fitting well. Even if you have bought the right size, they will tend to press more on certain parts of your body which make it unnecessary to break in. It is a simple process of making your combat boots get used to the contour of the foot. There are several processes you can follow to make the combat boots get used to the shape of your foot. You should ensure you break in the shoes to avoid cases where they will press on your tender feet to an extent where they will cause blisters.

How Should Combat Boots Fit?

The combat boots should fit in such a way they will leave some room at the front of the shoes. The room is necessary to allow your feet to move freely in the boots to avoid injury. The shoes should fit well but not too tight. The heel should be left to stay in place but not forced to move back and forth as you walk. The back and forth movements can cause blisters if not checked. To make the boots stay comfortable, you should try loosening them or tightening the laces at specific parts to allow them to fit perfectly.

How to Break in Combat Boots

There are several methods you can apply to break in the combat boots. Here we are going to explain several approaches so that you can choose one which can work well for your given condition.

Soak them wear the boots

It is a method which can work well if you are not in a hurry to break in the combat boots. You will have to leave them in the bathtub from where they will soak the leather. After the boots have been soaked in the bathtub, you will then have to remove them and wear. Wear two socks so that you can create more volume in the shoes. Wear the wet shoes with thick socks for the whole day then remove and dry them. The damp leather will expand as your feet press on the two socks. After you have won them for the whole day, they will expand. Dry them outside, and they will expand, allowing you to have the perfect fit.


The method is easy to apply. You will have to wear shoes then feel areas where they are too tight. You will have to use blow-dry in the areas, and they will dry the leather. It is a simple trick which you can apply, and it will help you stretch the specific areas where they fit too tight. When leather is exposed to the warm air from the blow-dry, it tends to stretch, which will contribute towards breaking in the shoes easily.

Use ice bags

You will have to fill polythene bags with water then put in the shoes. The water will create contour, just like your foot. After you have filled the bags with water, you will then have to put it into the freezer. Leave it in the freezer overnight, and it will create ice which will occupy more volume than the water. The increase in volume due to the creation of ice will lead to an expansion which will contribute towards breaking in the combat boots.

Wear thick socks

You can use thick socks to break in the combat boots easily. The thick socks will make the size of your foot appear bigger. The extra pressure it will exert on the combat boots will lead to an increase in the size of the combat boots, which in one way or another will lead to increasing the assize of the shoes. It is an easy way you can break in the combat shoes without having to involve water. The method is applicable if the combat boots you are about to break in are not fitting too tight. Ensure you choose socks which are soft to your feet to avoid abrasion, which can lead to injury.

Types of Combat Boots


Standard Issue

They are the most common combat boots you will find around. The shoes are offered to infantry soldiers and police. Waterproof construction makes them ideal for different applications. Other features which make the shoes stand out are their slip-resistant design. They have soft soles to allow the wearers to enjoy. The upper part can be made out of hardened leather or synthetic materials. They can handle a wide range of terrain which includes swamps and snow.


​Jump Boots

The US army paratrooper squadron first used the combat boots during World War II. The tales of paratroopers in their adventures made many people love the shoes back at home. The combat boots are designed to keep the feet, knees, and the ankles safe during parachute landings. Ankles and heel sections are reinforced to offer extra protection when the soldiers land from parachutes. The shoes are characterized with comfortable soles and springs for a smooth landing.


​Tanker Boots

The tactical boots are designed for soldiers who operate in tankers. Designers of the shoes where after ways of avoiding cases where laces can interfere with the moving parts in the tankers. Slip-resistant and high durability makes the shoes stand out.


​Extreme Weather Boots

They are combat boots designed to serve soldiers who work in extreme weather conditions. The combat boots include winter boots, desert boots, and jungle boots. They incorporate features which make them adaptable to specific areas.

Tactical boots come in different designs. You need to choose one which can serve in your specific area. If you are going to operate in a desert, then you need to look for combat boots which are designed to work well in the desert environment.

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