Best Tactical Combat Boots

Tactical combat shoes can impact your performance out in the field. Wearing poor quality tactical shoes may affect your mobility especially when trekking rough terrain. Worse, it may cause you to slip and consequently lead to injury. 

That’s why you must choose only the best tactical boots if you are in the military or law enforcement field.

Investing in a good pair of combat shoes can give you the confidence that you can take on any type of terrain at any time of the day.

The best military boots can also deliver all-day comfort and support by reducing foot fatigue and absorbing shock and impact.

In short, the best tactical combat shoes can help you perform better on the job. 

You would be surprised at the number of tactical combat shoes sold in the market today; making shopping quite confusing and difficult for someone like you.

Fret not as we have listed the best tactical combat boots today. Feel free to read this tactical boots review so you can have a better idea of which pair of combat shoes to get soon. 

Different Types of Tactical Combat Shoes

On the surface, tactical combat boots look the same. But a closer look reveals that combat shoes can be classified into different categories such as: 

Standard issue

The basic duplicate of army boots, the standard-issue combat shoe is believed to go all the way back to the Roman Empire when its soldiers used a similar footwear called caligae.

This is traditionally made of black, hardened leather. It is waterproof and capable of handling rough terrains, making them a practical choice for military and law enforcement personnel.

But you may also use them as hiking boots because of their rugged construction. 

Jump boots

Also known as paratrooper boots, jump boots have been standard footwear in parachute units for more than 80 years. The original parachute jumper boots were issued in 1942 by the Corcoran Boot Company.

It has extended lacing with reinforced toe caps; providing superior support to the ankles and toes of the wearer.

While it is less flexible compared to the standard issue boot, it can reduce the chances of lower extremity injuries that paratroopers are often at risk of. 

Tanker boots

As you may guess basing from the name, tanker boots are combat shoes used by soldiers assigned on tanks. This type of footwear was first designed in 1937 and known for being easy and fast to put on. 

Unlike the other types of combat boots, tanker boots lack laces. Instead, this type of tactical boot has leather straps.

The absence of laces also means you won’t get entangled with other objects such as tree roots, branches, and wild foliage when you wear tanker boots. 

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Top 5 Tactical Combat Boots

Choosing the best tactical combat shoes is a tough task considering the numerous models available in the market. Moreover, choosing footwear is a personal thing.

We have varying needs when it comes to shoes. Other factors such as daily workload and environment can impact choosing the best tactical combat shoes today. 

But by considering factors such as price, durability, design, and the reviews of people who have worn these combat shoes, we have listed down the five best tactical combat shoes today:

1. Danner Men’s FullBore 4.5″ Shoe

Danner boots have been in the market since 1932, which is indicative of the quality of footwear that the Oregon-based firm is known for.

The FullBore 4.5” shoe is arguably the best combat boots for running because of its lightweight construction.

As many Dander tactical boots reviews have pointed out, this is shoe offers superior support, comfort, and traction on any kind of surface. 

Weighing less than 2 pounds, the shoe is lightweight. Many owners of this shoe say wearing it is like wearing sneakers. 

This shoe is also supportive, and sturdy. The midsole gets high marks for its superior comfort, support, and rebound.

The outsole, meanwhile, is equipped with Megagrip technology that helps the shoe grip well both on dry and wet surfaces. The upper is made of water-resistant suede.

It is specially made for warm climates with its breathable air mesh lining allowing wearers to stay comfortable even after hours. 

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2. FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men’s Tactical Military Boots 

You need not pay a lot to get your hands on a pair of quality tactical boots. This military boots from FREE SOLDIER is a good example.

This shoe is made from suede leather and nylon. Lightweight and comfortable, it features padding around the tongue and collar. It protects the ankle while keeping things cool down there. 

The rubber sole offers superior grip, especially on wet surfaces. It can give you the confidence to get to any terrain because it is designed to prevent slips.

The EVA midsole is also lightweight and provides outstanding cushioning. 

Plus, you will appreciate the ankle-high protection that this footwear will give you.

There is also decent padding around the tongue and collar to enhance comfort and protection to the ankle. The lace loop of the boot effectively resists sand and dirt.

Meanwhile, the nylon lace with a metal hole is easy and quick to lace. 

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3. Under Armour Mirage 3.0

From afar, the Under Armour Mirage 3.0 looks like an ordinary hiking shoe. But take a closer look and you will realize that this is also a pair of tactical combat shoes that’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

The rubber outsole of the Mirage 3.0 is designed to protect wearers who traverse steep inclines and rough trails.

There is also a tread pattern wrapping the midfoot and rear which stabilizes the latter and giving flexibility in the forefoot. 

The midsole, meanwhile, is made from EVA foam that is common in contemporary running shoes. But don’t make the mistake of concluding that the midsole functions like any other shoe.

The truth is, the zig-zagged design of the midsole makes it supportive and responsive to every move. 

Weighing around 16 ounces, the Mirage 3.0 is lightweight by any definition. Yet it offers enough protection for the foot. It has a sturdy toe cap in the upper area designed to prevent the forefoot.

There are also heel caps at the rear providing both protection and stability to wearers. 

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4. Original SWAT Alpha Fury 8″ Side Zip Tactical Boots

Lightweight and comfortable, the Alpha Fury 8” from Original SWAT is a hardworking and reliable pair of tactical combat shoes.

Like the Under Armour shoes, the Alpha Fury combines the durability and ruggedness of boots with the comfort of a sneaker.  

The Alpha Fury is ideal for law enforcement, military, and security personnel who are usually assigned on long shifts.

It has a custom-molded heel counter, gusseted tongue, and toe box to keep wearers comfortable all day long. Its outsole is made of slip-resistant rubber which can help wearers maintain their grip in wet environments.

This is the type of footwear you will want to be on when the stakes are high. 

If you are concerned about lacing this boot, then you should be glad to know that it features a rapid lacing system.

Plus, it is airport-friendly as it is made from non-metallic materials. You should encounter no problems with metal detectors when you wear this boot. 

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5. Adidas Men’s GSG-9.2 Training Shoe

Adidas is not the first brand you may think of when you shop for tactical combat shoes.

But it surprisingly makes it to this list with the GSG 9.2 training shoe, a waterproof, breathable, and durable all-season tactical combat boots.

Designed for urban combat, this training shoe from Adidas is used by US SWAT teams and the German GSG 9 unit. It features full-grain uppers for superior protection and enhanced durability.

It also has the patented Adidas Climaproof lining designed to keep feet dry all the time. The said lining is also odor-resistant. 

Like other running shoes, the midsole of the Adidas GSG 9.2 is made of EVA foam. Yet it offers good cushioning with the Adiprene insert under the heel.

This boot is ideal for use of military and law enforcement personnel. It is also versatile enough to be used in hunting. 

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Buying Guide

Keep these factors in mind when choosing tactical combat shoes: 


The materials used in the combat shoes will determine how tough and comfortable the footwear would be. A typical tactical combat shoes has different parts made of various types of materials.

For example, full-grain leather is the ideal material for the upper part of the boot as it is durable. Synthetics aren’t a bad choice although these aren’t as durable as leather.  

As for the midsole, look for EVA Foam which is the most commonly used material for the said part of boots.

Polyurethane is a nice material being more durable than EVA foam, although it can cause the price of the boots itself to go up. As for the outsole, rubber is the best material. 


As you may have deduced after reading the reviews, the weight of the tactical combat shoes can affect its performance.

Moreover, it can also impact the comfort that the boots would give you. Lightweight boots are easier to move with; heavier ones would slow you down.


Tactical combat shoes vary in height. You can find shoes that are around 4 inches tall while others extend up to 12 inches high. But should you pick low-cut boots or high boots?

It really depends on the environment where you are usually subjected to. If you work in a hot environment, you’d likely want a low-cut boot.

High boots, meanwhile, are more appropriate in cold environments. 


If you foresee yourself spending more time outdoors and in wet environs, then it is recommended that you invest in waterproof boots. Water-resistant boots can keep your feet dry all the time.

This is not only a matter of hygiene but also comfort as keeping your feet dry can minimize discomfort. 

Tips in Using Tactical Combat Shoes

1. Break-in combat shoes. Some people don’t like the breaking in the period but it’s something that you can’t cheat on. You will have to break in a new pair of tactical boots whether you like it or not. 

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about breaking in new combat boots. 

2. Always check your sole. Combat boots may have durable soles, but these are not indestructible at all.

It is, thus, recommended that you always check your sole. The last thing you want to happen is to get caught with a worn-down sole on the field. 

3. Make cleaning of boots a habit. Suffice to say, cleaning of boots can go a long way towards keeping it in tip-top condition. To clean boots, brush off any mud or dirt with a brush.

Use a soft bristle brush for leather and nylon boots. Suede shoes, meanwhile, need a specialized brush to prevent damaging of the suede material.

You can then wipe it down with moist towel soaked in warm water and mild detergent. 

Do you have to polish boots? It depends on the material. Suede or nylon boots don’t need to be polished. Leather boots, meanwhile, require regular polishing. 


Shopping for tactical combat shoes is not a walk in the park with the number of models available in the market today.

It can get confusing especially if it is your first time to buy a pair of tactical boots.

With military boots available in different features and designs, it can be quite overwhelming for a novice buyer like you. 

Fortunately for you, we have made your life a lot easier by picking the best tactical combat shoes today.

Go ahead and read reviews about these combat shoes so you can determine which one is the best fit for you.

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