Best Gun Holster Review

Finding a concealed carry holster is not that easy as you may think. You may have been convinced that a particular gun holster is the right one for you after reading several gun holster reviews.

But there’s a chance that the said product won’t feel right or comfortable the moment that you wear it; which makes shopping for the best-concealed carry holster always tricky even for a veteran gun owner. 

There are three primary purposes of a gun holster- accessibility, safety, and security.

The gun holster keeps your weapon accessible, so you will be able to draw it in case the moment calls for it. It also protects the trigger from unintentional contact and always secures the firearm.

Continue reading to know more about buying gun holsters and how to choose the right one for you. 

Different Types of Gun Holsters

Gun holsters can be classified into five types:

  1. Outside the waistband holsters, or OWB
  2. Inside the waistband holsters, or IWB
  3. Ankle holsters
  4. Chest holsters
  5. Pocket holsters

If you want a holster that would give you the quickest draw possible, then you ought to get an OWB. It holds the gun on the belt through a belt clip or by threading the belt through belt loops. 

An IWB, meanwhile, holds the firearm between your body and pants. You can wear the holster in the hip. The grip of the gun is the only part that is exposed; the rest is in the pants.

Many gun owners say this is the most comfortable way of concealing a firearm. It also places the gun at a good angle for a quick draw. 

An ankle holster is often a wide elastic strap wrapped around the ankle. A holster pocket is attached to it. It is best for smaller weapons. 

A chest holster is a versatile type, capable of being used for everyday concealed carry to outdoor activities like hunting and hiking.

It is a holster you’d want to have when you go outdoors because it won’t interfere with your backpack. 

Finally, a pocket holster or pocket carry is a good option if you want to stabilize your weapon all the time and cover its trigger for safety. 

Top 5 Gun Holsters

Choosing the right holster is an important decision. Below are our picks for the best gun holsters today: 

1. Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster

This could be the best-concealed weapon holster today. Slim, comfortable, and sturdy, the LightTruck holster is handcrafted in the United States. It is made with Kydex and about .080 inch thin. 

There is a sturdy metal clip on the back that will not budge off the belt. It has three ride height settings which would let you find a level that’s right and comfortable for you.

The forward and reverse angle can also be adjusted up to 30 degrees while the retention is adjustable.

With these adjustable settings, you should be able to hold your gun in a way that you are most comfortable with. 

This holster has a sleek design; you won’t have to undo your pants each time you put your weapon on. Its design also makes retention consistent. 

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2. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

This could be the most comfortable concealed carry holster today. For one, the side of the body touching the skin comes with a sweat guard design.

So even if you perspire a lot, your gun would stay dry when you use this holster. There is also a bit of Kydex that sticks up above the slide, promoting comfort even when you are sitting.

The grip of the holster won’t dig into your stomach, too. 

Durability is another reason why you should consider getting this holster. It has an anti-scratch configuration, thread lock on fasteners, and a nice black oxide finish.

You will also appreciate the audible retention lock system of this holster. It will make a loud click sound whenever you attach it to your belt. This would tell you that the holster is already in place. 

Compact, lightweight and durable, this product from Concealment Express is a solid choice for a gun holster. 

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3. Western Images Leatherworks, Inc Sportsman’s Leather Chest Holster for Taurus Revolvers

This chest holster from Western Images Leatherworks is designed for the 4-inch Taurus revolver. It is a versatile holster that would prove useful for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and horseback riding. 

Made from full-grain leather, this holster fits perfectly especially once the leather has broken in. This product gets rave reviews for the excellent craftsmanship. It is also adjustable to a wide range of sizes. 

Positioning your weapon near your stomach area or your side can be easily done through simple, multiple adjustments that this holster offers.

With multiple strap adjustments, it can fit small to extra-large body frames rather easily. 

A retention strap is available with snap for securing your weapon. There is also a squeeze release buckle that makes it easy to take off the holster. 

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4. CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster 

This IWB holster from CYA Supply Co. is made from a proprietary thermoplastic alloy called Boltaron, unlike other holster manufacturers which use Kydex in their products.

Boltaron is extremely durable and fire and chemical resistant. This holster is made of 0.8-inch thick Boltaron with a 1.5-inch wide belt clip. 

It fits securely with its clip locking over the belt. Comfort is not compromised as the sides are smooth and won’t irritate your body.

It is also designed not to slide or loose even when the wearer is actively engaged.

Many gun owners who have tried this holster say it is lightweight and unobtrusive that at times, they forget that they are wearing it. 

It also has an excellent fit and finish. The belt clip made from Boltaron is robust and well-made. Adjustment screws fit well and won’t snag when you put on or take off the holster. 

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5. Azula Gun Holsters Kimber Micro 9mm OWB Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Belt Holster

Rounding out our list is this well-designed and made gun holsters from Azula Gun Holsters. It is an OWB holster made from top quality leather.

Expect this to last for a long time because of the excellent craftsmanship and high-quality material from which it is made. 

This holster can be worn with a belt that is up to 1.5 inches wide. The back covers the top of the pistol slide. It won’t dig into your body with its full comfort shield, making it one of the best holsters in terms of comfort. 

This is also a full-length holster that can cover the pistol completely, preventing the front sight from hanging down below. It also comes with a reinforced tab upfront for enhanced stability. 

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Other top gun holsters:

  • Winthrop Holsters OWB Pancake Black Leather Holster
  • Historical Emporium Men’s Right Hand Tooled Leather Western Gun Belt and Holster .44/.45 Cal
  • Muddy River Tactical Glock 43 Holster – Concealed Carry Holster 
  • Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster
  • SUFEINI Belly Band Holsters Concealed Carry 

Buying Guide

Getting the right gun holster will not only give you the peace of mind that your weapon is secure; it also ensures that you will always be ready to defend yourself. Below are some tips to help you find the right gun holster: 

  • Decide on the type of holster placement that you are most comfortable with. This is something you will have to do in a brick-and-mortar store, where you can try the holster you are interested in. 
  • Decide if you want a leather, thermoplastic, or nylon holster. Would you want the durability of leather holster? Then you will have to pay more. Holster made of nylon is cheaper but it is not as durable. 
  • Consider other factors such as price. It’s easy to skimp on your budget especially when you see cheap holsters in the market. But think about it: is it worth it to save a few dollars when your life is on the line? Remember that a holster can protect you and those around you, so it is best not to be a cheapskate and opt for a good quality holster. 

Here’s a YouTube video you may watch to learn more about carrying gun holsters in a hot climate territory. 


Gun holsters are an essential part of your gear if you are into guns. It is something that you should invest in if you value not only your weapon but also the safety of the people around you. 

There are numerous gun holsters on the market today. But not all gun holsters are created equally. Understanding your needs and the features of a gun holster can help you find the best one for you. 

Hopefully, this buying guide has helped you better understand how to choose the right gun holster for you.

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