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How To Choose A Compound Bow That Matches Your Needs

Are you looking where to buy the best compound bow for the money?

Archery is one of the many sports that need tight discipline and control in order to master the craft.

In this sport, your main partners are your own bow and arrows. That is why choosing compound bows for archery is very crucial — you have to get the best, not according to what you see from others, but according to your own personal needs and standards.

Compound Bows For Archery

Compound Bows For Archery

Among the many types of bows you can use for archery, the modern compound bows are said to be the fastest and provide the most powerful and accurate shooting.

Moreover, unlike the longbow, recurve, and other traditional bows, you only require a lesser effort to give a certain draw weight. For example, a draw weight of 60 pounds can be pulled at a hold of only 18 pounds, which gives you the lesser strength needed to hold it.

Compound bows have a variety of sizes and designs. The equipment is usually a personal possession, so if you’re into this sport, you will have to choose the best compound bow for the money that also fits your own body size and structure for better grip and control.

To give you an idea on how to choose a compound bow as you get into archery, here are some tips you may want to consider when selecting crossbows:

How to Choose a Compound Bow That’s Right for You

1. Make It Simple

Especially if you are still new to compound bows for archery, put your focus in finding a bow that matches well with your body weight, structure, and proportions. This provides you easier control of the bow. Once you gain more experience, that’s when you start to upgrade your equipment.

2. Know Your Own Strength

You may be awed in witnessing the fastest crossbow in stores today that can shoot up to 300 feet per second. Don’t be tempted to purchase one just because you see it is fast or that it can hold a greater draw weight. For accuracies sake, you may not yet have the strength to pull the bowstring enough to achieve the right power and speed.

3. Check on the Technical Considerations

Various technical factors should also be considered when choosing compound bows for archery. The axle length, draw length, the height of the brace, draw weight, and the overall weight of the bow has to be according to the proportions of your body.

Buy The Best Compound Bow For The Money

Buy The Best Compound Bow For The Money

Follow the tips on how to choose a compound bow in order to get the full experience for your new sport of archery. Also, before buying a certain type of bow, you may check the reviews from other people who have already previously used them. Make sure, too, to fully test the bow so you can experience the actual feel of it and see to it that it perfectly matches your needs.

Shop for the best compound bows for archery that matches your standards and start your new sport.

The Fastest Crossbow & Most Accurate – 2017 Reviews

Fastest Crossbow

You have the need for speed. Maybe you’ve got a crossbow already, but it’s just not fast enough. Maybe you’re jumping in at the deep end and want to start with the most powerful crossbow out there. On this page, we will reveal the world’s fastest crossbow that you can buy right now.

The emphasis here is on what you actually can buy – we decided not to include the Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme because… Well, it is a long way beyond budget and specification for most crossbow buyers. However, it does claim to reach a ridiculous 440 feet per second. If you need to have the world’s fastest crossbow, then you’d better check it out.

For the rest of us mortals, here’s a quick guide to some of the specifications you should be considering when looking for the most powerful crossbow.

  • Velocity : This goes without saying. We’re reviewing the fastest crossbows, so the actual speed it can fire an arrow is pretty important. For crossbow reviews, this is measured in feet per second (often abbreviated FPS).
  • Draw weight : This is not the weight of the actual crossbow. When you’re drawing an arrow, you will have to put a lot of force through the bow string. The draw weight is the maximum equivalent weight you’ll be pulling in this motion.
  • Size : Bigger is not necessarily better. The most accurate crossbow can still miss if you’re the wrong height for the crossbow you’re using. If you can’t handle it properly, there’s no fun in it being fast at all.

The overall speed of a crossbow really comes from a combination of two things: the size and the draw weight. It’s all about how far the bow string travels and how much force you can put through it. You need to make sure you’re strong enough to pull the draw weight, otherwise it doesn’t matter how fast the crossbow can fire. If you can’t cock an arrow, your arrows will have speed zero.

#1: Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Review

Quick Comparison:

  • Velocity: 410 fps
  • ​Draw Weight: 185 lb
  • Size: 37.3 inches

The Barnett Ghost 410 CRT crossbow is the fastest crossbow we could find for review. It can fire an arrow at a the crazy speed of 410 fps – that’s almost four times the speed of a cheetah. This crossbow has a short axle-to-axle length and is both lightweight and accurate. Some reviewers have criticised this bow for being too loud, but when your arrow is through the target before it can move who cares if the target can hear you!

#2: Excalibur Matrix Mega 400 Crossbow Review

Quick Comparison:

  • Velocity: 405fps
  • ​Draw Weight: 290 lbs
  • Size: 36.3 inches

The Excalibur Matrix Mega Crossbow is our fastest recurve crossbow in review. It is an extremely powerful and accurate bow, but requires a huge amount of draw weight to use. If you’re strong enough to handle it, then this crossbow would be perfect for hunting large game. But if you’re new to crossbows then we really wouldn’t recommend it. This is not a bow for novices. As for size, it’s a bit longer than you might expect for a recurve crossbow, but there had to be a compromise with the draw weight.

#3: Killer Instinct Furious 370 Crossbow Review

Quick Comparison:

  • Velocity: 370fps
  • ​Draw Weight: 185lbs
  • Size: 32 inches

The Killer Instinct Furious 370 crossbow gets our value award. It is the best performing crossbow we’ve reviewed for the price you pay. Not only is it great value, but it could (and does) rival higher-end models but at a fraction of the price. So not only is your crossbow faster than your mate’s, you probably paid less for it. The bow is relatively lightweight and has a narrow design – coming in at just over 13 inches across when cocked. The Killer Instinct crossbow is said to be inspired by the demanding needs of military and firearms enthusiasts. They have certainly succeeded.

#4: CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Review

Quick Comparison:

  • Velocity: 370fps
  • ​Draw Weight: 185lbs
  • Size: 36.5 inches

It’s not the world’s most powerful crossbow, but the CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow is definitely the best tactical crossbow we looked at. It’s got a comparable draw weight to the Killer Instinct Furious 370, but comes in a bit longer. What’s more, it’s another great value bow. Many users have said they’d put it up against crossbows of more than double the price. The crossbow has built in damping on the string, to help suppress vibrations and make the shot even quieter too.

#5: Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Review

Quick Comparison:

  • Velocity: 330 fps
  • ​Draw Weight: 165 lbs
  • Size: 37.8 inches

Winner of the Outdoor Life Great Buy Award, this crossbow isn’t the fastest or the most powerful in our review. Nevertheless, we’ve included it as a good all rounder that can provide speed without a crazy price tag. At 330 fps, it’s still pretty quick and is well liked by users for its accuracy. The draw weight is lower than the other crossbows we’ve reviewed, so is a perfect solution for those who want speed but don’t quite have the arm strength for 185 lbs. Overall it is small (19 inches axle-to-axle when loaded), light and easy to cock.


The best crossbow isn’t necessarily the most powerful crossbow – or even the fastest one. But any of these five crossbows should safely satisfy your need for speed. We’ve listed them in order of descending top speed, but it’s worth considering their other features before you buy. Just make sure that you’ve got the strength to draw them and you’ll be happy with your choice.

The Best Bow Release for Archery – 2017 Reviews

Bow Release for Archery

A good bow hunter knows the importance of using the best bow release to cleanly shoot each shot. With so many choices out there, it can get muddled even for the seasoned hunter to decide what the best option is for them. There are plenty of compound bow release reviews and other guides you can read. A good starting point is deciding whether to go with a handheld or wrist model. A Handheld bow release works with your thumb using an automatic mechanism, with the option of using a back tension to release. Wrist or caliper releases will draw the weight from your wrist to make it easier when gripping the bow. Here are five bow releases from these two types of releases to consider for yourself:

Top 5 Best Bow Release for Archery

1. Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Release

It seems like the Tru-Fire Hardcore was designed with your comfort in mind. It’s foldback design will hold the calipers which is handy when climbing. You can also adjust the length of the head and strap by turning the head either clockwise or counter clockwise.

It’s single made hook will self-close automatically for great precision for all your shots. The Evolution buckle strap is equipped on the Tru-Fit Hardcore which simplifies its use. You will experience a great level of sensitivity when you release a bolt due to the four-ounce trigger.

2. Scott Archery Little Goose

Don’t let the name fool you into underestimating this release that is packed with features that makes it one of the best bow release for accuracy. The single caliper release allows the Little Goose to score huge points for dependability. Being able to adjust the length is not a problem with the five holes complete with buckle. You can even change out the trigger with straight, spring, or swept options. It’s built with high quality material including genuine leather complete with padding on the wrist strap.

The Little Goose is lightweight and constructed to for durability. This all translates into a very comfortable experience particularly for those with smaller hands.

3. Tru-Fire Edge Black Release

Expect a smooth shooting from this option that is among the best bow release for accuracy you can get. This is a four finger bow release that has a spring-loaded trigger. It also one of the best archery thumb release functionality in the market. This helps to enhance the bold release and prevent distracting string torque.

It has a small head and streamlined aluminum handle that looks sharp and is very comfortable in your hands. Torque free shooting is possible with the 360 degree rotating head. The trigger travel is completely adjustable. The limited lifetime warranty gives you piece of mind that you’re covered for the future.

4. Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Release

For the hunters out there who want to keep both hands free, there's no need to look further. Many compound bow release reviews mention it. This has got to be one of the best archery release available in the handheld release category.

Like it’s brother the Edge Black, you are in the company of the best archery thumb release options. 11 ball bearings fill this hook style head that allows for maximum rotation of 360 degrees. As its namesake calls out, this is a four-finger thumb release that reduces string torque by a closer connect to the D loop.

Its adjustability reigns supreme as the trigger travel, head swivel, and trigger tension can all be adjusted. There’s also a removable “loop retainer” to prevent it from falling off your string when you’re not attached to it. The exceptional shooting experience will be the worth the price you will pay for this release.

5. Spot Hogg Wiseguy Bow Release

This release has a magnetic Velcro wrist wrap that is highly breathable to keep your hands from getting sweaty. The self-reloading hook will prevent the surprise of torque release.

Keep in mind that this release is compatible with D-Look designed bows only. Although it lacks a trigger travel, stiffness is gained through the failsafe trigger. You can tell that the Wiseguy is made from high quality material and will feel comfortable with the strategically placed padding. It’s on the lighter side of release weights so if you prefer a light trigger, this is the one for you.

If you want to achieve greater levels of accuracy then you must research the best archery release options in the market. Bows are expensive and while it’s tempting to buy cheaper components, this will affect its overall performance. You don’t have to be a seasoned archer to know that you are getting what you pay for with your chosen release. It would also be suggested that you try out a wrist release and handheld bow release to see which you prefer. As you hone your skills you will appreciate the improvements gained from a good purchase.

The Best Archery Targets Available – 2017 Reviews

Archery Targets

Just like any other sport, you need to invest in great gear. With archery that means much more than picking out the right bow. You will spend a lot of time practicing and that’s why you need the best archery target. Archery target reviews will help you narrow down your choices. But you need to decide the type of bow you will be using to determine what type of target to purchase. The three most common types are 3D practice, foam block, and bag targets.

Regardless of the type you chose, you will also want to consider these features;

1) Weather Resistance

2) Color

3) Durability

Here are five great options that encompass the three different types with those features considered:

Top 5 Best Archery Targets

1. Double Duty 400 FPS by Morrell

If you don’t feel like picking this target up after a practice to move it indoors, it’s waterproof material will withstand the elements. Durability is accomplished by the dense rubber that makes up its center nucleus with flex back foam.

Arrows are removed with minimal effort. The built in carrying handles makes the target easy to transport. It’s 4-sided field point target means that you can shoot on all four of its sides. You can play a different game on each side including nine balls, deer vitals, bull’s eye, and dartboard to add some variety to your practice. Add in the bonus of a two-year warranty and you can see why the Double Duty 400 FPS by Morell earns the title of the most durable archery target among the accessories reviewed.

2. RinehartA

The RinehartA is arguably the best archery target for broadheads. Its unique shape provides 18 different sides for targets. Plus the self-healing foam which essentially closes up holes, will last arrow after arrow.

The target is suitable for use by compound bows or crossbows, though you will want to stick with field points to get the most life out of it. Arrows won’t come out as easy when you compare it to others like the Double Duty. The target measures 15 by 15” and comes with a rope handle which makes the target easy to move around.

3. Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag

This is another archery target made by Morrell that lives up to their reputation. The Yellow Jacket is the best archery bag target in this review. Keep in mind that this archery target is designed for field points.

​It has a multi-layered design with 38 layers built in to stop arrows and keep its shape. It’s 100% waterproof so no need to check the weather if you want to leave it outside. Arrows will be easy to pull out, though you will want to rotate these targets between 75-100 shots as Morrell will recommend to maintain it.

4. Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target

This 5 pound target has a rectangular design that is easy to hang or mount. Made for indoor use, the handle is sturdy for easy transport. Field points would be the recommended type to use with it. The bright yellow coloring with black targets allow for high visibility.

The other side features off-center deer vitals to give you a realistic experience. Tri-core material inside the target works effectively to stop and remove arrows with one hand. The Field Logic Hurricane is one of the best archery bag target choices out there. The affordable price point makes it a great choice, especially for beginners who are working on building their targeting skills.

5. Rhinehart Woodland Buck Target

Of the 3D practice targets out in the market, the Rinehart Woodland Buck target does not disappoint. If you are looking for one of the best archery target for broadheads, it will meet your expectations. This 30” tall and 29” long, scaled down version of a whitetail is sized to simulate a 100-pound deer.

It’s recommended to shoot this target with compound bows and field points for the best results. The Rhinehart will withstand about 350 fps. Arrows and even crossbow bolts can be pulled out with relative ease. It is made from Solid FX Foam, a patented technology that has self-healing capabilities. This makes it a solid contender for the most durable archery target.

Especially for the beginner, choosing the right target can be difficult. You will need to do your research through reading archery target reviews such as this guide and word of mouth from enthusiasts you may know. Consider what you want to achieve when you determine the type of target to use. For instance, if your goal is not to improve your bow hunting skills, then a 3d practice target is probably not for you. Once you know the type of target, then you can factor in the durability, arrow stopping/removal, indoor/outdoor use that you desire. These steps will help you get the most of your investment and hone your skills.

The Best Bow Sights Available in 2017 – Reviews

What to look for to find the best bow sight for hunting

When you’re looking for a new sight, there are several things you’ll need to consider. Obviously price will be a factor, but you can usually spot the higher-end sights by what they are made of. Top end bow sights are generally made from Aluminium and are much more durable than their cheaper plastic counterparts. Mid-range sights are often a mix of the two materials.

You’ll also want to be on the look out for which features the bow sight has. The main ones to consider are:

  • Bubble Levels : These make it easy for you to tell when the bow is straight – just like the ones used in spirit levels.

  • Fibre Optic Pins : These are a feature preferred by many hunters. They are perfect for working in low light conditions, illuminating the end of the pin and allowing good accuracy from dawn to dusk.

  • Gang Adjustments : These adjustments allow you to move all the pins at once, for instance when adjusting for wind. You don’t have to painstakingly re-set each pin one at a time.

So, without further a-do, let’s take a look at the top 5 best bow sights for hunters like you.

Top 5 Best Bow Sights for Hunting

#1: Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Bow Sight Review

The Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight review was very easy to do – the question is where to start! The sight has loads of great features that are really simple to use. In fact, the makers of the Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight are so certain you’ll love it that it comes with a money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with its awesomeness, just send it back.

The features include:

  • 5 adjustable pins to make target hitting easier
  • ​Hand adjustable windage and elevation
  • ​Locking system that doesn’t require tools
  • Patented retina lock technology

So what’s awesome about all that? The 5 pins make it easier for you to shoot accurately at different distances. The hand-adjustable settings (including locking system) mean that you don’t have to take tools out on the hunt. No faffing around, just adjust and shoot.

Above all that, the retina lock technology in the sight gives you feedback on your hunting. It’ll let you know if you’re torquing in the wrong direction, or even if you’re gripping the bow too tightly. Sounds crazy doesn’t it! But, far from being a nuisance, this enables the hunter to go from average to pro. It helps you build up muscle memory and improve the consistency of your shot. Kind of like having a mini-coach in your bow.

#2: Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight Review

The Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight comes up as a close second to the Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight. It has lots of good features and is made of a corrosion resistant co-polymer material. The most obvious difference in features is that the 5 pins are small. You don’t have to worry about them blocking your view, or getting in the way. For hunters who want the accuracy of 5 pin, but like an unobstructed view through the sight, this is your sight of choice.

The features include:

  • No tools required for micro-adjustment
  • ​More than one mounting hole
  • Rheostat light

Like the IQ Micro bow sight, the Trophy Ridge React has tool-less adjustment settings – no need to carry tools about any more! It has the versatility of several mounting holes and a rheostat light for better illumination.

The only thing to be careful of is the calibration. You’ve got to make sure that the 20 yard and 30 yard pins are exactly right, because all of the others depend on it. Once that’s done correctly, all the other pins adjust automatically saving you time and effort.

#3: Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket Bow Sight Review

Here’s our review of the Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket Sight…. Wait for it…

Did you hear it?

No – and you won’t hear this sight either. It is extremely quiet, making it the perfect choice for hunting. In particular, if you’re hunting from up high - this sight is designed with trees in mind. It takes all of the guesswork out of shooting from elevation. Want to use it in trees and on the floor? No problem: the pendulum can be locked in place for ground shooting.

The features include:

  • Single pin sight
  • ​Bubble level
  • Lightweight aluminium

#4: TRUGLO Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot Sight Review

Another sight from Truglo, its main feature is (unsurprisingly) a green LED dot aiming point. This means there are no pins, so no possible obstructions whilst aiming. We think this sight is great for hunting in all conditions, because it has 11 levels of brightness. Yes – eleven. This means you can be hunting from early morning to evening, whatever the weather.

Its features include:

  • LED aiming dot
  • ​Easy to adjust between left and right handedness
  • Very long life battery included

Don’t worry about the LED failing on you. The battery included has an exceptionally long life. Many users have said it has lasted them well over a year – just remember to turn it off when you’re not using it!

#5: Trophy Ridge Mist 3 Pin Bow Sight Review

The Trophy Ridge Mist 3 Pin sight is a great beginners’ sight. If you’re looking for a first upgrade from standard sights that come with a bow, then this sight is for you. It’s great for a budget buy, or for getting your kids into hunting – but remember it’s made of plastic, so might not withstand rough-handed children.

The features include:

  • Very bright fibre-optic pins
  • ​Bubble level
  • Multiple mounting holes


We’ve reviewed five great bow sights for you, that perform well in a variety of conditions. Our best in review is clearly the Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight, but the other sights are definitely worth a look. For tree-stands and stealth, the Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket Sight is a no-brainer. For beginners, the Trophy Ridge Mist 3 Pin sight is a good place to start.

We hope we’ve helped and happy hunting!