Basic self defense Techniques For Everyone

Do you already have self defense techniques to protect yourself during dangerous situations?

Whatever it takes to be careful with the world around us, sometimes the roads we take in life require security measures we put in our houses to keep us safe, we never know when a crime can happen where we might become victims.

That is why some people are learning martial arts even at a very young age — to protect themselves in times of trouble especially when they need to defend ourselves, physically, with somebody in order not to risk our own lives.

Self Defense Techniques To Protect Yourself

Self Defense Techniques To Protect Yourself

We never know when we could be attacked by strangers, it is important we are ready with our defenses anytime, especially for women. However, this doesn’t mean that men are safe from these situations. Whether you are a man or a woman, you still can be a victim of crime, and so you should know at least the basic self defense moves for real world situations.

And while martial arts can help you escape and be safe in times of trouble, not everyone can have the time or money to enroll on these types of classes. There are, however, easy self defense techniques that can help you in defending yourself.

Here is a survival guide with simple yet effective techniques you can learn in order to defend yourself in dangerous situations:

Basic Self Defense Moves For Real World Situations

1. Straight Punch

This is one of the most basic self defense techniques you can learn to protect yourself. Once you notice a person is dangerous the straight punch is an effective move. Make sure you’re in a balanced position, then make a fist. Thrust your fist forward, as well as your hips, for stronger impact. Note where you throw your straight punch also matters. Hit your fist to a vulnerable area such as the throat, nose, or eyes.

2. Front Kick to the Groin Area

One of the most vulnerable parts of the body is the groin. So you can have the advantage, weaken your opponent by giving him a front kick in that area. Throw your hips forward with the knee half-bent and heel positioned at the back. As you attack, stretch out your knee and leg to give a force as the top of your foot lands to the groin of your opponent.

3. Knee Kick on Close Attacks

If your opponent is too close to you, your movement will be limited. However, you can still be able to defend yourself by giving him a knee kick. Throw a knee kick by driving your knee up straight to the groin of the opponent.

Learn To Defend Yourself In Dangerous Situations

Learn To Defend Yourself In Dangerous Situations

Bea ready for any trouble you may fall into. Learn to defend yourself in dangerous situations by following these tips on the basic self defense moves for real world situations. Practice how to execute these moves properly so you can have the skills for self defense and survive in difficult and dangerous situations.

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