Best Tactical Gear to Have

Tactical gear refers to the tools and equipment that safety, military, and law enforcement personnel require to perform their responsibilities efficiently. One of the main reasons for having tactical gear is safety. For instance, imagine a situation where a law enforcement officer goes to work in civilian clothes and ordinary shoes. That would be a disaster because he will be putting his life in danger without proper protection, gear, and weapons. Nowadays, tactical gear is not only essential for law enforcement and military personnel, but it has also become one of the everyday carry items that every citizen should invest in. Therefore tactical gear is essential to make your hobby, job, and your life, easier.

Types of tactical gear

Tactical equipment usually consists of a wide array of products, ranging from tactical backpacks and clothing to tactical shoes and accessories. The following are the main types of tactical gear.

• Equipment

Optical equipment like laser sights, night vision goggles, and binoculars come with a variety of capabilities and features. Pouches and bags are made of some weather-resistant materials, usually designed to keep your tactical gear dry. These pouches and bags are available in different sizes, configurations, and shapes.

• Clothing

Face shields, protective eyewear, bulletproof vests, and pocketed jackets are normally considered as tactical clothing. They are usually designed to protect you from all types of threats, like knife attacks and gunshots. Tactical clothing can also be pouches and pockets for storing tactical equipment of all sizes and shapes.

• Footwear

Tactical footwear is usually lightweight with an incredibly movable frame to help you get away from danger as quickly as possible. For example, tactical boots should be heavy-duty shoes that can cope pretty well in tough circumstances and terrains. Hikers and hunters also use these tactical boots as well during their outdoor activities.

• Accessories

Since you are always faced with danger regardless of where you are, tactical accessories act as an enhancement to the simple tactical gear you own. These accessories are all made using the best and most robust materials. Some of these accessories include tactical cell phone case, helmets, gloves, knives, flashlights, belts, watches, special socks, and sunglasses. The tough material enables them to endure harsh weather and rough treatment, as well.

Best five tactical gear items

1. Tactical folding knife

A tactical knife is a basic requirement for law enforcement agents, firefighters, and military personnel. These knives are perfect for handling many difficulties in the field, like cutting through robust materials. Moreover, they are compact and can easily fit in the pockets of your backpack. Tactical knives have a strong blade to cut a wide variety of things, and this includes some of the toughest materials you come across in day to day tasks.

Tactical folding knives have sharp edges, and their folding capacity ensures your safety whenever they’re not in use. Not only do they come with an attractive design, but they are also comfortable to use. Some of the folding knives, such as the law enforcement knife come with some incredible features such as the seatbelt cutter. You don’t have tactical gear if tactical folding knives are not part of the safety equipment.

2. Tactical backpacks

Tactical backpacks are usually common in the carry market because most people consider them as a must-have item. Collecting a wide range of tactical gear is good and incredible, but all these efforts are for complete without a good backpack that enables you to move around easily while carrying all your tactical essentials. These backpacks are among the sturdiest, durable, and most comfortable bags that you’ll ever come across, and it makes a lot of sense to have one. Tactical backpacks are usually designed for difficult, and war situations, and are more functional than a fashion statement. That means you can utilize them to carry your items efficiently and securely for a long period.

There are many types of survival backpacks, and that includes hunting backpacks. Hunters and hikers require the best equipment and tools to make them more efficient. The difficult terrain and getting to the game is never a walk in the park. So, unpreparedness might leave you empty-handed after an incredibly unsuccessful expedition.

Hunting backpack comes with a wide range of features such as a hidden gun holster, water bottle pockets, and maybe a rifle holder. These backpacks enhance your survival, speed, and endurance. These travel backpacks are excellent for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. They are ideal for long-distance walks and have great functional features such as adjustable shoulder straps, breathable back, and highly padded and spacious compartments. Range backpacks come with different compartments for shells, guns, and other items like helmet and goggles. You can carry these bags when going for gun ranges and paintball games for convenience.

3. Tactical jackets

Outdoor adventurers or military personnel are conversant with harsh conditions in their outdoor activities. As a result, they require protective clothing, including tactical jackets. To fulfill your survival requirements, you should have tactical jackets at the top of your list to help you overcome bad weather and abrasion. Hikers and hunters find these types of jackets beneficial because they help you survive in cold weather and other harsh conditions. Some tactical jackets also come with various pockets to hold all the essentials you need for your outdoor adventure.

4. Tactical watch

You’ll also require a robust watch to go with many other tactical equipment and accessories you have. A tactical watch is usually a blend of utility and resilience and is ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts out there. If you are a paratrooper or fun of extreme sports, then a standard watch will not serve the purpose. You require something that will withstand harsh weather conditions like fire, humidity, and moisture, among others. Military watches are very durable and incredibly resourceful, and it is a must-have item for law enforcement personnel, hikers, and hunters.

Tactical watches will not only tell you the time, but they will also help you find your way if you get lost in the wilderness. Navigation features usually range in capability and accuracy. You might get by with the compass points on the rotating ring to give you a rough idea of where you are heading. Besides, some tactical watches come with an actual button compass that’s integrated into the watchbands, while others utilize an analog or a digital compass display.

5. Tactical hand mirrors

Hand mirrors are some of the best tactical gear to have, and they are as crucial as bulletproof jackets. Tactical hand mirrors assist you in seeing above walls and around corners to pick out the enemies easily. They offer you an upper hand during emergencies or any combat situation. In most cases, these mirrors come fitted with some clips to help you install on some batons when you want to use them away from the place you are. You never know when an adversary is waiting around the corridors during a house invasion, so these mirrors are ideal for room searches. However, remember that they’re different from standard or ordinary mirrors.

Situations in which tactical gear is beneficial

Tactical Gear is generally weapons, clothing, and tools used traditionally by law enforcement and military personnel, but they have also become incredibly popular with survivalists, hunters, hikers, and the general public as well. Tactical assault gear exists to make you more efficient and better at your intended objective or job. It’s durable and strong and mostly serves multiple uses, such as assisting you with your survival and safety in challenging and tough circumstances such as emergencies, natural disasters, animal attacks, self-defense, and burglary situations, among others.

The FAQs about tactical gear

Q. What is a tactical kit?

A. A tactical kit refers to a set of survival gear and supplies which is stored in a safe place, which makes it easy to access when required during an emergency. The items that exist in a survival kit can vary. Nonetheless, certain things should always be included. The first items are water and non-perishable food. The other items that you should have in a survival kit include a tarp, a solar blanket, a poncho, an LED flashlight, a radio, matches, a gas mask, penicillin, and a first aid kit as well.

Q. Is tactical gear the same as military equipment?

A. Military equipment is usually issued to military personnel during wartime. Because of the harsh conditions soldiers normally face while at the battlefield, the items included in the military equipment are the most durable things out there. Due to this reason, including some military stuff in your survival gear is indeed a good idea. There are many military grade things used by civilians such as a military baby carrier or wallet.

Q. What is the main purpose of buying tactical gear and accessories?

A. The main aim of purchasing tactical gear and accessories is to avoid any possibility of being caught unprepared, especially in the event of a disaster. Such a tragedy can occur due to political unrest, war, or an economic collapse. The objective of having tactical wear is to empower and help you survive in situations in which you are forced to defend yourself.

Q. Should weapons be part of your tactical equipment?

A. Indeed, a weapon is an essential part of any tactical kit. You can include different types of weapons in your survival gear, such as riffles and guns. However, one of the drawbacks of firearms is that they can run out of ammunition. As a precaution, include things like swords and knives. Besides, you can also use them for other tasks like being used as cutting tools or as a hunting device.


The objective of tactical gear is to help in your safety and survival. It’s not just for law enforcement and military, but it is for everyone and anyone who would like to stay prepared. You can prepare to protect your family or yourself in self-defense or help you when you are camping, hunting, or enjoying outdoor activities or even for an emergency or a natural disaster. The benefit of tactical gear is that it’ll help you raise your success levels in tough times. Having the best gear and right tools for any job will make a huge difference. Different forms of tactical clothing will assist in protecting you and also help you carry the gear and equipment easily and with a good purpose.

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