Best Hand-to-Hand Combat Weapons

A hand combat weapon or a melee weapon is any weapon used directly in hand-to-hand combat. These weapons are familiar with soldiers and are helpful when dealing with an enemy at a close distance. They’re also used as defense tools, especially with theft cases. These weapons are, however, not legal to carry around with you as a civilian unless if authorized. They are also available in the market in a variety of types and brands. Hence, selecting the best weapon from the stores a difficult task for the buyers. If you are looking for the best hand to hand combat weapon, reading this article will give you some background. We discuss types of melee weapons, top five of these weapons, things you should look out for before purchasing a melee weapon, and the FAQ section.

Types of Melee Combat Weapons

When you decide to chose combat weapons from the stores, you’ll notice that there are three basic categories of these gears. These are;

Pointed Weapons:

Pointed melee weapons range from the spears to pikes. They have sharp ends, designed to penetrate through the fresh, and can find their way through even through a shield. The weapons function in a way to disarm the enemies or drop them from the top of their horses.

Edged Weapon:

These are types of melee weapons ranges from daggers, knives, axes, to swords. They are weapons used for cutting and are useful when fighting minimally armed individuals. They cut, stab, thrust, and hack enemies.

The Blunt Weapons:

These weapons range from the maces, staves, flails, and clubs, to war hammers. They are useful in causing blunt trauma towards the enemies and are functional against the armored fighters. They produce a strong impact that can result in the death of the opponent.

When you categorize these weapons, you’ll find that most of them fit into different categories. There are a few that will not be into any of these groups, for example, of the whips.

Top 5 Combat Weapons

When you decide to go shopping for close combat weapons, you should consider making your selections from the Amazon stores. Among the best picks you can order from their trusted retailers include;

The blade comes with the following unique characteristics;

  • 8” overall length suitable enough to cut a deep wound into the enemy and rescues yourself.
  • It has an adjustable lacing, which helps to make it fit appropriately into the frog.
  • The frog makeup features a universal leather making which increases its durability
  • The sword makeup consists of an aluminum alloy or stainless steel, which increases its stiffness. That makes it last for long without breaking.

You can consider purchasing the two together or separately. Using the link above, you can view the specifics of the weapon package as well as the purchasing and shipping process. What I can guarantee you is that the weapon will give you the best of the services.

Using melee weapons requires that you do some training, and this is the best of the tools you can consider using in the learning. Among its significant characteristics include;

  • It features an unsharpened blade that helps the beginners to train without causing injuries into their hands.
  • The blade does also have a perfect balance of 60z, 4”. That makes it easy for the user to flip it smoothly without difficulties.
  • The gadget is also durable as its makeup consists of the 4040 stainless steel metal. The enhanced screws do also make sure that it lasts long for you to complete your practice and start with real knives.
  • Comfortable to use: Using this practice knife is suitable for its handle and length that gives you a comfortable grip. That helps to enhance the usability of the item.

Use the link provided to view its images and read more of its characteristics.

If you love history, you can take this medieval middle age sword. It is among the best you’ll find in the market and will come with the following traits.

  • The crusader sword has a wood casing, which makes it suitable for the trainers.
  • It is also made of stainless steel a makeup that increases the durability of the product,
  • It also has a handle made of comfortable black leather. That increases the comfort of its grip space, and also increases its strength.
  • It also features a suitable length of 42,” which is long enough to help you keep a safe attacking distance from your enemy.
  • The sword is light in weight, making it suitable for beginners to use in their studies.
  • The product does also comes in different styles giving you a chance to select the one that suits you the best.

Use the link above to view the pictures of the products, or make a purchase. The product is ideal, and you will not regret making the purchase.

If you love using knives in a battlefield, this set gives you the best that you can find in the market place. Among its favorable features include;

  • The 3-piece knife set gives you a balanced throw each time.
  • It also features a black painting that makes it suitable for use on the battlefield.
  • The stainless construction increases the stiffness of the knives, making them last for long.
  • The knives have a laser cut out based at the end of the handle. That allows you to tie a ribbon on the set.
  • The set does also come with a black nylon sheath, which allows easy and safe transport for the knives keeping you out of possible cuts.
  • The overall length of the knives is 8,” which is perfect for making a deep cut on the enemy.

Use the link provided to view its images and read more of its characteristics.

If you love to see diving, or you work with the navy seal, this knife is the gadget for you. You can use it in fighting attacking animals. It is a reliable knife and comes with the following traits;

  • Durable stainless steel making that increases its reliability;
  • It also comes with different lengths to suits different personalities.
  • The knife is, however, not exotic or flashy.

Use the link provided to view its images and read more of its characteristics.

It is a set that makes a perfect option in rescuing yourself from an enemy at a close distance. Using the link provided, you can consider making a purchase or viewing more details about the weapon.

What to look for in a combat weapon

When you decide to buy combat weapons, there are several factors that you should consider. Observing them allows you to buy only the best quality in the market. These include;

Construction material:

Always go for products that feature a durable and robust makeup. These are weapons made of an aluminum alloy, but the best content is the stainless steel. Such ensures that you make the most of the weapon and for the longest time possible.


Always pick a weapon that is easy to carry around without many people noticing you move. It’s, therefore, suitable to check if the weapon comes along with its pocket.


When buying the close melee weapons, you need to buy one that is of not less than 8”. A good length allows you to keep a safe attacking space between you and your enemy. It also allows you to do your attack plan in the right way.


Buying a hand to hand combat weapon also needs you to evaluate your experience. There are training gears available as well as the real weapons for experienced fighters. If you’re a beginner, consider using tools devised for training activities and avoid the risk of cutting yourself as you train.

Body size: 

You also need to buy something that suits your body weight and size. These weapons will vary in mass and length to suit people of different body build-up.

It is essential, therefore, not to jump into purchasing without evaluating all of the above things to consider. Being observant helps you to buy what suits you.

FAQ Questions

Every category of products in the market raises questions among the potential buyers. The following are among the frequently asked questions regarding hand to hand combat weapons;

Is it legal to buy melee weapons as civilians?

Yes, these products are for use by both civilians and the militants. With civilians, however, you should consider using the weapon recklessly. It’s also illegal to carry these weapons in public, unless in a sporting activity.

Are these weapons necessary?

Yes, close combat weapons are necessary, especially when attacked by thugs, or an enemy tries to suffocate you. You can use the knives to put a cut on the enemy as a way of protecting yourself.

Are the weapons durable?

These weapons are durable. They feature stainless steel metal; that increases their stiffness, making them last longer and offer you the best services.

Final Verdict

Buying a melee weapon for protection is not a stupid thing to do. These tools are cheap and can save you in the day of troubles. The above are the top five melee weapons you can use as a beginner to train on how to use swords and knives. They are also useful for defense mechanisms. It is also right that you consider checking all factors that determines the best melee weapon to purchase from the stores. Besides having a gun, sometimes it pays to have the best survival weapons with you. They are the most convinient tools when it comes close combat.

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