Best Bulletproof Vest (Body Armor)

We are living at a time when cases of mass shootings are in an upward trend. This menace has not spared schools.

As a result, we all want to be on the safe side just in case of your teaching or driving or worse of praying in a church, and someone starts shooting randomly.

The only line of defense you might have with you is a bulletproof vest.

It will help you trade pain for death, which is a fair trade. So, having the best bulletproof vest will most likely save your life and maybe just maybe that of the other person.

In this article am going to help you understand the concept of bulletproof vests and not just vests but the best bulletproof vest, best body armor jacket, easily concealable body armor vest, tactical body armor, and best bulletproof vest dragon skin.

Let’s begin by looking at:

Top 10 Best Bulletproof Vests and Body Armor

Durability, ample storage space, a reinforced rescue handle, meshed ventilation design, and heavy-duty belt. These features are sure to be among the vital elements that a person will look at before buying a bulletproof vest.

These features also influenced our decision massively when ranking the best body armor vests suited for law enforcers and civilians alike.

Top reviews of a particular vest will most definitely help you narrow down your search.

However, you are likely to get useful information that will enable you to land on the best vest that fits your taste. The following are the best bulletproof vests and tactical body armors available.

1. UTG Law enforcement tactical SWAT vest

It is easy to see why this UTG tactical vest is at the top of our ranking. It comes with all the top features that make a jacket a must gear for people in the security field.

It is commonly worn by personnel who are likely to encounter heavy gunfire like the police, army, and people in private security.

However, it is also applicable to civilians who are cautious about their protection. It comes in handy if you have multiple items you want to carry, such as bullet magazines.

The vest is quite affordable made compared to other similar vests.

The features that make this vest an exciting item to purchase include; two versions- right-handed and left-handed versions, a radio pouch where you can put your cell phone.

It has three rifle magazine pouches, and it comes fitted with a non-slip shoulder pad.

Also, all the bags come equipped with Velcro flap closures. The vest is fully adjustable, depending on the height of a person. The reinforced and durable rescue handle is pretty awesome too.

The benefits of using this vest are that the pouches are spacious and can accommodate what is meant to get carried.

Also, there is no point in worrying about heavy load as the shoulder straps have extra padding. The vest comes in a range of colors, depending on the taste.

2. YAKEDA Law Tactical SWAT vest

This YAKEDA tactical vest is ideal for target shooting law enforcement. However, it can also be used when climbing mountains. It offers a lot of versatility due to its lightweight style.

It has more than enough pouches making it easy to pack tools and items in an organized and logical manner. It has three rifle magazine pouches o the right and one on the left.

Each bag can hold up to two magazines. It offers cross draw holster for weapons that come in an interchangeable position. On the inner side, there are large pouches ideal for carrying documents.

Some pouches are detachable, offering you a chance to meet your desired needs conveniently.

What I found the most fantastic benefit of using this vest is its long-lasting durability. This is because of the polyester material.

It can also hold a considerable amount of weight for a vest of its ultra-lightweight design. It is comfortable to wear and keeps all tools and secure while at the same time, allowing more convenient access to the same.

3. GZ XINXING- 4XL Law enforcement Airsoft Vest

It is a great vest to have in your tactical gear list. There must be a reason why it made the top five of our list. Its make features a high-density polyester, which is quite durable.

The shoulder strappings can be adjusted even for people with large chest sizes. It comes with Velcro strips for more comfortable fitting. This vest has three pistol magazine pouches.

Therefore, you can carry a lot of firepower with you. It also comes with a phone pouch and a heavy-duty back loop for fitting extra gear and pouches.

The two flashlight pouches on the belt are also a plus feature for this vest.

The benefit of this great vest is that it comes with numerous pockets that are very useful for tactical reasons. It offers ample storage for all items you might require.

The breathable mesh proves to be vital to offering an effective ventilation option. What is more, if you are hurt, the vest has a durable rescue handle making it easier for rescue personnel to help you.

4. Marmot Tactical vest

The Marmot vest is another brilliant piece of body armor. It is generally intended for training and shooting. There are compelling reasons why many people go for this vest, and it is easy to see why.

You can carry items without having to worry about storage space as it comes with enough pouches that suit your needs. It comes with pouches for a flashlight, three rifle magazines, radio, and pistol.

You can also carry your standard handgun as it contains a detachable draw holster. You do not need to worry about taking documents or your iPad with your hands. It has an internal zippered pouch just for this task.

This vest has long Velcro strips together with two mental d rings, which are useful for attaching carabiners.

Ventilation is also guaranteed with this vest because of the high-density 600D polyester mesh construction.

The benefits of this vest are plenty, not just preventing bodily harm. You get a good quality vest at a very affordable price.

The adjustable heavy-duty belt with extra pouches fits perfectly while keeping everything else secure.

5. REEHUT Breathable Tactical Vest

This vest had to be in our top five. It is suitable for special operations, combat training, and military drills. Like many new tactical vests, it is made of Oxford 600D high-density fabric.

The material is given special attention with mesh fabric that is sure to keep you well ventilated.

Several pockets offer you more storage area. It has a detachable shotgun shell holder if you love carrying your shotgun around.

It is fitted with all the necessary pouches for carrying all-important tactical gear like flashlights, rifle magazines, and other essential gadgets.

The unique design feature of the REEHUT tactical vest is the reinforced rescue handle. Getting you from the firing line will be comfortable with this feature.

Also, if you have essential items to carry like classified documents, it covers this aspect as it has an internal compartment specifically for this role.

What’s more, products from REEHUT come with a 30-day replacement policy if you find the vest not suitable. What is for sure is, you will find it very ideal for yourself.

At an amicable price, you will be getting a fully adjusted body armor gear that gives you high-quality protection.

There are other fantastic bulletproof vests to check out, and they can offer you excellent bodily protection. They are made using modern design:

  • Condor Modular Chest Set
  • MGFLASHFORCE Tactical C.S. Field Vest
  • GwendolynC Airsoft Tactical Vest
  • Barbarians Molle Vest
  • A.T.G. Rapid Tactical Vest Molle and Pal. Fully Adjustable Law Enforcement vest

Body Armor Buying Guide (Go over what to look for in body armor)

Purchasing an excellent and reliable body armor can be a hard thing putting into consideration the fact that there are so many dealers in the market.

Therefore, apart from looking for a verified dealer, we can always take a look at the general design of the vest. For instance, vests are sleeveless, black or camouflage, and have several pockets.

The next wrong assumption that people make is the cost issue. Vests range with price, but this does not necessarily mean that the high the cost, the better the quality.

And because of these and other errors in purchase am going to look into the guide to purchasing body armor.

Before anything, I always recommend that one should take into consideration the issue of comfort above all else. The best bulletproof vest should be comfy.

Most are black and full of pockets. It should also be able to handle this and the harsh conditions in the war zone, a good vest should be made with breathable material.

The best body armor should be adjustable, although a majority are a one-size-fits-all, one should look out for straps in the vest which are recommendable when shopping for concealable body armor.

Now to the icing, tactical body armor should have many pockets, and this is to give room for storage of guns, extra ammo, magazines, and other necessary accessories.

The best bulletproof vest is one that weighs five pounds to ease straining when using it in long distances.

The best bulletproof vest should be made using high-density, heavy-duty, and high-denier polyester. This sought of sturdy construction enables one to be safe and protected from injuries.

Other factors to consider include;

  1. Always look at the reviews given by previous buyers but don’t fully trust them.
  2. Go for the top-rated tactical vests the likes of UTG 547 Law Enforcement Vest. I would not recommend doing this but go with the masses. That is if you have little knowledge about what you want, you can go with the best seller.
  3. Lastly, the best body armor should be comfortable to wear.

F.A.Q. on bulletproof vests & body armor

Q: Does one get hurt if they are shot while wearing a vest?

A. This is a common question, and the answer is yes.

What people should know is that even if the best bulletproof dragon skin can stop the bullet from penetrating your organs, it won’t stop the force when you get shot at.

Thus, if one gets hit, he will suffer but not die, they might even have broken ribs and suffer significant pain.

Q: Who is allowed to own a bulletproof vest?

A. In the United States, anyone can buy and own a vest. But those convicted of a violent felony are asked to provide written waivers.

Q: How does one clean a bulletproof vest?

A. The modality followed is taking out the ballistic panels first, and then you can hand wash or machine wash the carrier that is the outer portion. After this procedure, you return the ballistics back into the carrier.

Q: Is there custom made bulletproof vests?

A. The truth is doing this can be very expensive, and not many makers offer the service.

Q: Do vests offer side protections?

A. Some do offer, but others don’t offer since they have the straps at the side. So during selection, you look at the sides plus if you have a belly, some will fail to protect the sides.

Q: How long do they last?

A. If not exposed to any harsh conditions in terms of storage and also has not experienced any actions that are bullets, the best body armor can last up to 5 years and even more.

Q: Do you get refunded if a vest fails you?

A. Some companies will offer warranties, but in most cases, you will not get paid if a bullet penetrates your body. It’s assumed that you may have put it on wrongly, or the shot is of a higher caliber.


After looking at the different types of the best bulletproof vests and best body armors, I believe you can now make a wise choice. The choice that you make will go a long way in determining whether you live or not.

Body armors can be used by civilians also since we have the concealable body armor that can be worn under ordinary clothing.

V.I.P. individuals usually use them, but with the recent rise in attacks, anyone can wear the concealable body armor.

To wrap it up, I would advise anyone seeking the best bulletproof vest or best body armor to consider purchasing the dragon skin bulletproof vests.

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