The Best Splitting Axe or Maul for Chopping Wood – 2017 Reviews

Splitting Axe

In this article we will be reviewing the best splitting axe or maul available on the market this year. Having to split wood can be a laborious task without the use of the proper tools for the job.

You need to take into account what will be driving the axe into the wood. Height, build, strength, are all factors that need to be taken into consideration, as there are different mauls available with this in mind.

So when looking into the best splitting axe reviews and weighing your options, keep the overall length of the handle and the weight of the blade head into consideration. They are tailored and worth devoting some time to.


An important facet of the splitting axe is the balance of its parts. Weight of the head and the length of the handle need to be in the right proportion for your swing. That’s why it’s important to not jump onto the first one that feels right in the hand.

Handle Quality

The quality of the handle is just as important as the axe having a sharpened edge to it, and the that cheeks are able to follow through with the swing and separate the wood with each striking plunge.

Without a good quality material assisting you, the belly could snap or the whole thing could just buckle under the heads weight. Strong hardwoods, or well moulded fiberglass, are the makings of the best splitting axes around.

Top 3 reviews: Splitting Axes or Mauls

1. Fiskars ISO Core 8 Maul

  • Amazing shock absorption from the IsoCore™ system handle
  • ​Head is fused with the handle
  • Driving face is it’s own sledgehammer, essentially
What others have to say:

The grip on this tool is strategically sculpted to follow the shape of the hand, which proves well in its use. Strength in the heads flat face is great for using other tools on it. This is probably the best type of axe for splitting wood, overall.

​What we love:

IsoCore™ Shock Control has been tested to exceed the international standards of striking tool durability. The patent transfers 2X less vibration than that of traditional wood handles. This and the geometry of the blade, giving it a deeper penetrative hit, make this our choice for best splitting maul on the market today.

2. Mintcraft Pro 34004

  • V-shaped cheek design
  • Strong fiberglass handle
What others have to say:

The handle is made from double injected fiberglass, doubling its strength and overstrike protection. Great grip and really flies through your rounds.

What we loved

With the addition of the V-shaped cheek design forged right into the blade head, it acts as a wedge which makes splitting tough woods a lot easier.

3. Estwing E3-FF4-4-Pound

  • Shock reduction nylon vinyl grip
  • Forged as one piece of steel
What Others have to say:

Having the handle and head being forged in one piece, stops the possibility of the bt flying off in mid-swing. Great balance.

What we loved:

Relatively small in length to the other axes that we have looked at here, with still the same amount of driving force. This is definitely the best maul for splitting firewood, because of its size, weight, and it is almost 4 inch long bit. Estwing even dubbed it as the ‘Fireside Friend’. Also comes in black on brown coloured special edition, if you are not a fan of the deep blue offered.

Other options

As previously stated, the best splitting maul for you is the one that suits you best. A little shorter than most, get a longer handled axe to provide you with a little added leverage in your swing. Lack a little bit of muscle, no problem. Get an with a weightier head, giving you the force needed to bust each round as it comes.

Here are some more of our best splitting maul reviews to better hone in on what is the better tool for you to purchase.

Fiskars X27 Super


  • PermaHead design
  • ​FiberComp® handle with a vibration absorbing chamber at the base
  • Conex blade geometry makes the axe easier to remove from wood
What others have to say:

The PermaHead design keeps the head on the handle securely.
There is a small chamber at the knob of the axe that absorbs vibration. Not to the extract of the IsoCore™ handle of the ISO Core 8 Maul, but it is still a great addition.

​What we loved:

This maul provides a perfect power-to-weight ratio that helps with swing speed, as well as how well the bit can penetrate into the round.

Husqvarna 2 LBS.20” Small Splitting Axe

  • Traditional hickory handle (steel wedge)
  • Small size for possible one-handed use
What others have to say:

Due to the size of this one (20 inches) and the small weight (2 pounds), it is a perfect axe for splitting firewood.

What we love:

Brilliant cast iron blade bit, with smooth cheeks on the side. Gives an amazing swing speed, though because the sides are not too pronounced it tends to stick in the round. Not too bad, but not as great as the other tools reviewed.

Helko Vario 200U

  • German C45 carbon steel
  • ​Curved handle design for perfect balance
  • Separate bit is screwed into head of the handle

What others have to say:

The curved design in the handle allows for a better balance, with a good length (36 inches) for any swing.

What we love:

Blade head was drop forged, and oil treated. Made from German C45 carbon steel, grading 53-56 on the HRC. Beautiful axe.


With the IsoCore™ system in the handle of the Fiskars ISO Core 8 Maul, we found it hard to choose other axes and mauls to compete with it for the top spot. But the shock absorption this handle provides is amazing. That and the driving faces’ refined surface strength, and the blade bit itself, this is the best axe for splitting wood in our books.

We hope that you got a lot out of this review of splitting axes for wood, and that it has helped you with your choice of axe or maul.

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