What Knives Do Navy Seals Use

Tactical knives are types of knives used by soldiers such as the navy seals. These knives differ from the ordinary knives we use in the kitchen. They are heavy duty knives designed to endure beating kicking.

The knives can be used for extra works besides the usual like starting a fire, as a self-defense tool or even for cutting wood.

Since tactical knives are excellent tools for self-defense, they must be strong and dependable. When your life is in danger, the tactical knife will be your best aid.

Common kinds of military knives

Combat knives

The military requires exceptional tools to execute their duties. Every soldier needs to have an excellent combat knife beside other essentials. Besides, the knives must have a sharp blade to be effective.

In the market, you’ll find many types of fighting knives, but the bottom line is that each soldier needs an excellent combat knife for self-defense.

Although soldiers can use guns to defend themselves, a combat knife is a tool that should be within their reach when fighting.

Machetes & other tactical knives

Since soldiers have different types of knives on the battlefield, not all these knives are used for fighting; some may be used to eliminate obstacles and create paths in shrubby areas.

The soldier may also need to prepare meals or cutting wood in the wilderness. Additionally, a soldier will require some types of knives to skins animals in the jungle.

Boning knifes

These are knives that soldiers use to remove meat from bones. These knives make the life of the soldier easier. Soldiers will have several types of knives at each specific time while in the battleground or in their camps.

What Knives Navy Seals Use Specifically

Solders in different parts of the world rely on manufacturers to design excellent knives they can use on the battlefield and during training camps.

The following are some brands that are popular among navy seals.


SOG SEAL knife

These brands bear the name of the teams and are preferred by the navy seals.

The knives can be used as skull crasher, hammer or glass breaker. This signifies the strength of the knife.

Besides, it’s corrosion-resistant making it ideal to use in the jungle. The knife has a 7-inch blade. The SEAL Pup is a 4.75” version of the SOG SEAL.

2. Cold SteelSRK

Cold SteelSRK knife

This is a sturdy, affordable combat knife with an AUS 8A stainless steel blade. These knives have a wide variety of uses, and the sliders can use them to open tins, cut woods and shrubs among other purposes.

This is a long-lasting knife with a comfortable handle. Besides, it can tolerate the harsh life of wear and tear in the bush.

3. ASEK Survival knife

ASEK Survival knife

These knives are manufactured by Ontario and have been used by the US army since 2003. It’s a lightweight but strong knife. It’s fitted with a 1095, 5 inches blade.

It’s an excellent tool a soldier can use for self-defense, considering it doesn’t slip forward when in use.

4. Ontario 6504 OKC3S Marine bayonet

Ontario 6504 OKC3S Marine bayonet

These knives are popular among the US Marine Corps. It’s a robust knife with a functional and sound blade. It has an 8-inch blade made of 1095 stainless steel.

Besides, it has a comfortable handle made of grooved Dynaflex. The knife is larger on the sides.

5. Yarborough

Yarborough knife

This knife is manufactured by Chris Reeve and its also available for civilians by the brand name” The Green Beret Knife.” This knife has a 7-inch blade, and it’s made of stainless steel.

This knife is issued to the Special Forces when graduating, and it’s highly treasured among this group.

6. Ka-Bar

Ka-Bar knifes

The Ka-Bar was developing after the Second World War to ensure the soldier has an all-purpose knife when in battle. It’s essential to understand that soldiers do not use knives for combat only but also for other purposes.

The Ka-Bar can be used as a crate opener, wire cutter, and any other function a seal navy can desire.

7. Karambit

Karambit knife

This knife is top-rated among the Canadian special ops unit that was formed to fight terrorism. Soldiers have used the karambit for a long time. This knife is an excellent tool for self-defense.

One major advantage of this knife is the fact that it’s challenging to disarm an individual holding the knife since it has a perfect grip.

8. Fairbairn-Sykes

Fairbairn-Sykes knifes

This is a legendary knife that ben used by Britain’s special air forces since the Second World War.

Numerous Special Forces use it in the entire globe. Due to its effectiveness, the US tried to make its version of the Fairbairn-Sykes dubbed OSS.

9. Eickhorn KM2000 Fixed Blade Knife

Eickhorn KM2000 Fixed Blade Knife

Germany’s Bundeswehr Armed Forces popularly use this knife. This knife ranks as one of the best functional combat knives.

It’s roughly 12 inches fitted with a tanto blade that is a replica of Böhler N695 blade steel.

A Short History of Tactical Military Knives

In the mid-1990s the term “tactical knife” was developed to describe particular characteristics of a military knife.

These characteristics included fixed blades with a non-reflective blade with a stainless steel guard or lacking any guard.

To date, some tactical knives use titanium, zirconium or brass for the guards. But only a few brands use zirconium for the guards due to its cost.

Additionally, the handles of the tactical knives should be made of synthetics such as carbon fiber, G-10 or Micarta®, among others. But the three are the most used materials for tactical knives handles.

In the last decade, more and more materials have been used to make grips such as leather washers, aluminum, cast brass, wood, and modern synthetics.

Initially, tactical knife handles were made of Micarta and then came G-10. Due to a variety of colors and configurations, G-10 was preferred.

In the last five years, carbon fiver has received wider acceptance in making the tactical knife grips.

The tactical knives get a non-reflective blade via a variety of methods, but the most popular way is instilling a satin finish through a sanding belt.

This ensures the knife gets an excellent non-reflective surface, typical of the tactical knives.


The tactical knives used by the navy seal are of high quality and can last for ages. Besides, these knives can be used for several tasks making them multipurpose.

When choosing a tactical knife, it’s essential to consider the materials used for the knife, the size and the reputation of the knife among the forces. The military uses a variety of knives when in the battleground and training.

The best tactical knife should be able to meet the specific needs of the soldiers, the chiefly been self-defense.

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