The Best Skinning Knife for Hunters in 2017 – Reviews

When it comes to choosing the right equipment for a task, most of the people do not know what to look for. No matter how simple or straightforward the task looks, you need to have the right equipment in your hand in order to get through it in the best possible manner. One of the tools that are used in almost every task that you perform is a skinning knife.

It is surely one of the most useful tools available and is used by not only the hunters; but also by the butchers. Having a sharp skinning life provides you with an opportunity to complete your task with the utmost amount of precision as well as independence. If you are good at hunting and can hunt down any animal at any time you want to, but do not have the right skinning knife to go forward, your skills will all go useless. If you are looking forward to having the best skinning knife, reading this article will help you in making your final decision.

A great knife would give you a comfortable grip that makes sure the knife does not slip out of your hand. It is most likely to have a robust blade, though there are numerous knives. Nevertheless, the most significant thing is that the edge should remain sharp for a long period.

Some of the best skinning knives available are:

Top 3 Best Skinning Knife for Hunters

#1 Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife Two-Piece Set

Known for its sharpest blades and the sturdiest metal used in its making, Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife Two-Piece Set is what you need to have if you want to take the skin of your hunted animal off in the most efficient manner possible. With a hook of almost 6.5 inches, it turns out to be quite an easy equipment to carry around whenever you want to. With a great choice of, Combat as well as Tactical Knives available recently, it is awesome to have a blade name that is well recognized.

Not only this but the blades used in this knife are made up of stainless steel ad this makes it possible for you to complete your task in the most efficient manner. If you have hunted down an elk or a huge boar, you can easily use the Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife to skin it. In order to keep it safe, it has a sheath around it which protects it to the core. One of the main reasons why it is getting so famous amongst the customers as the best deer skinning knife is the fact that it has a sharp edge and can be used in the process of gutting quite efficiently. Along with that, it is durable and will stay with you for the longest time possible.

#2 Havalon Piranta BOLT Skinning Knife

If you are a fan of deer hunting, one knife that you surely need to have in order to skin down the animal is the Havalon Piranta BOLT Skinning Knife. Considered as the best deer skinning knife, it is not only easy to handle but at the same time, has the sharpest blades to use for this purpose.

Feel the influence of the Bolt Knife, comprising of the thick, robust, replaceable blade as well as a large handle for better grip.

Whether you are skinning, topping, slicing or doing any type of area dressing work, this the perfect knife. This easy-to-handle rugged knife takes along certain control with its lock back design and large handle for improved grip.

The Prianta knife is somewhat right inches long and has a blade which is 4 inches wide. The steel used in this knife is stainless and its size is perfect when it comes to skinning a deer. The knife has been crafted in a manner that you will be able to not only skin the animal but also use the flexibility of this knife in any way you like. The grade of cutting this knife comprises of is extremely superior and reliable. Overall this is an attractively designed knife, with greater cutting ranking. It is one of the finest skinning knives to get at an affordable price.

#3 Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Skinning Knife

If sharpness is what you would like, Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Skinning Knife is the best buck skinning knife to go for. Because of its sharpness and edginess, it is considered as not only an amazing knife to skin the bucks, however, at the same time, it is considered as the best skinning knife for deer as well.

This knife comprises of a replaceable razor blade system which provides you the choice of refining the blade or simply eliminating it with a simple push of a lock button, creating room for a fresh blade. This knife is made for doing any kind of hunting or work errands and several people say that it works well in virtually all work conditions.

The sharpness of a razor and the control that is given to it while cutting down the animal is of an extreme level which makes it a must-have. The stainless steel used in this knife furthermore makes it a durable weapon to have with you when you go for hunting. In all kinds of situations, it will help you be it the process of cutting a rope, cutting the cardboards or skinning the largest animals possible.


Finding the right equipment is indeed difficult! However, if you read some skinning knife reviews to buy one, you need to keep in mind its level of sharpness, the durability of the blades, grip, and size in mind. The blades can be sharpen or simply removed by pushing the lock button and a new sharp blade can be inserted. Rubberized grips make sure a secure, non-slip hold and are available in market.

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