The Best Knife for Self Defense – Reviews to Protect Yourself

Knife for Self Defense

In the present age, having the power to defend yourself is always a preferable. Life is unpredictable and anything can happen at any point of time for which you need to be ready all the times. Defending oneself is a form of education that should be given to everyone living on this earth. Therefore, you should consider getting yourself training for self-defense.

However, it is still not considered as important as the other ones when it should be the first thing to go for. There are numerous ways to defined yourself even when you do not have any sort of proper education related to that. You can learn various kinds of fighting tactics using YouTube or, can keep with yourself a weapon like a knife at all times.

Choosing the right weapon is also a tactic that everyone should know about. Having a sharp knife with you every time you go out is necessary. In order to buy one, you need to know about the different types of knives that you can get your hands on. Try these on for size:

Top 7 Best Knife for Self Defense


Considered as one of the best knives for self-defense by several people, KERSHAW CRYO is an ideal weapon to defend yourself no matter where you are. This knife is made up of steel which is coated with titanium on all of its blades makes it worth having a weapon. The knife comes with a unique handle and keeping it in that handle keeps it away from wearing down.

Carrying this knife around is really easy as it is quite small in its size but is equally efficient. You will have a great grip on the knife if you handle it and that would make it extremely easy to use. With an amount of thirty dollars, you would be able to get your hands on the KERSHAW CRYO knife. Furthermore, it comprises of a greater quality.


Going out of the house and having HK-738 SERIES FIXED BLADE KNIFE with you will make your entire expedition extremely safe and well protected. The knife will shield you from all kinds of horrors just like the way its cover shield it from wearing down.

The fact that this knife is easy on the grip makes it the best self-defense knife to have while going out of the house. If you are wearing a belt, you can always tug it inside and no one will ever get to know about it. Being nine inches long, the knife is made up of a metal that will stay in the best of its form for the longest period of time. Therefore, you won’t require to buy a self-defense knife for yourself over and again.


The main reason why people go for the ONTARIO 9416BM RANGER is that it not only acts as the best survival weapon when it comes to defending yourself but at the same time, it also lets you cut the hardest material and chop the hardest things with it.

Another reason why this knife is best neck knife for everyday carry is the fact that having a big size makes it impossible for the people to get away from you if they do for those you something wrong.

4) JPT 3R Knife

JPT 3R Knife is a one that comes with great neck knife reviews. With a price tag of thirty-five dollars, this knife comes with a folding which makes it easier for you to carry it and open it as well whenever you want to use.

The amazing design of JPT 3R Knife coupled with a great craft makes this knife as one of the best items to have. The weight of this knife is six ounces, and you can carry it along with you whenever and wherever you want to.


With great blades connected to it, SCHRADE SCHA4BG is one of the best neck knives for self-defense. This knife comes with some technology as it has a backup lock along with it. The handle of the knife is as good as the sharpness of its blades.

To enhance the level of defense that you have while having this knife with you, it comes with a rubber handle for a better grip and holds so you stay safe in every unwelcomed situation.


For people who do not have a heavy budget, PUMA POUNCE is what they need to have. Having a German manufacturer, the knife comes with a sturdy metal and the sharpest blades ever! All you need to do is to put some little pressure on the handle, and it will open immediately making it easy for you to use its three inches long blade.

The knife comes with price money of fifteen dollars along with the quality which makes it the best knife to get your hands on this PUMA POUNCE knife.


Having the best steel plates on it, BOKER PLUS BO160 is quite a catch when it comes to having a knife that will protect you whenever you are in trouble. The blade that this knife comes up with is quite sharp, and the steel used in it is highly stainless and comprises of exquisite quality.

Moreover, it includes a blade which is two inches wide and made it a great knife to buy yourself.


There are hundreds of choices on the market to get your hands on a self-defense knife, which makes selecting the precise one even harder. However, you must realize that getting a knife for self-defense purposes means a greater level of responsibility from you. You require learning how to control your emotions as well as how to assess a dangerous situation appropriately.

Knives are perilous in the hands of an inexpert possessor and can take an innocent life in just a few seconds so ensure you train yourself well before getting a self-defense knife.

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