The Best EDC (Every Day Carry) Knife – 2017 Reviews

EDC Knife

In this article, we review the best EDC pocket knives otherwise known as Every Day Carry pocket knives. Sometimes, an EDC pocket Knife is the best option due to its style and portability. You can never beat a fixed blade when it comes to survival purposes as there are things that you can do with an every Day carry Knife that you just can’t do with other knives.

The following are the survival benefits that accrue when you have an Every Day Carry Pocket Knife:

  • Split wood for campfire
  • Cut lines, ropes and many other things
  • Create a shelter
  • Open cans
  • Skin game for dinner

The list of EDC survival benefits goes on and on. There are many advantages that accrue to owning one. Moreover, if you have to pick one type of knife for your survival pack, then this would be the type to make a choice from.


Our Rating

Spyderco Delica4



SOG Aegis



Benchmade 275BKSN



Case Cutlery Black Trapper



Ontario XM-2TS



Kershaw Blur



Cold Steel Recon 1



Benchmade 581






Buck/Tops CSAR-T




Buying Considerations

Great steel is made from Great Knives

It should not be a new thing to most of us that a great knife is made from great steel. All the knives that we preview here use top notch quality steel that will ensure its blade over a lot of sturdy use. Knives made of this lightweight steel are easy to sharpen. If you are interested in knowing certain steel properties, you can use KnifeUp which has an extensive collection of steel guides.

Have a god lock for safety precautions

An EDC pocket knife is a folding knife, and for that reason, you have to ensure that it has a good lock on the knife if you plan to use the knife for heavy duty purposes. High-quality locks give the knife a firm feel and lock the blade from closing when you are using it. The disadvantage of buying cheap knives is that they utilize small or flimsy locks that will make the blade wobble after a short term use.

Every Day Carry Pocket Knives Require a Good Clip

A good secure clip is vital if you are planning on carrying the knife every day. Low-quality clips can damage can break or damage your pants. Poorly engineered clips do not secure themselves properly to your trousers and many times, lead themselves to falling out of your pocket. Look for a smooth clip that does not have sharp edges. Ensure you avoid clips that is beveled or have a protruding screw. Try getting a clip that enables the knife to sit deep inside your pockets. Moreover, avoid clips that are too tight because they can make it too hard to remove a knife from your pocket.

Don’t Ignore the Handle

You must get a knife that has great handle if you are planning on carrying your knife every day. Avoid cheap plastic handles as they will give you blisters and hurt your hands after long and heavy use. Some knives will warp or fade colors when exposed to Ultra violet light; ensure to avoid them when you are outdoors most of the time. We will review knives that all have high-quality handles and this guide will talk about each one in depth.


People have the belief that the brand that you purchase matters. It does not. Name brand knives are on one hand more expensive than cheap knives, and on the other hand will give you less headache and have a longer life. For instance Benchmade allows you to send in any of their knives as long as you own it to the factor of restoration. They will adjust all screw, sharpen the blade to the correct angle, replace worn down parts, and give it a factory shine. However, non-name brands do not offer this. Brand knives also give you better customer service. You can call the manufacturer’s customer service number and ask about the angle the factory uses for a certain model if you would like to sharpen a pocket knife to factory condition at home.

Top 3 - EDC (Every Day Carry) Pocket Knives

#1: Delica4 by Spyderco


  • FRN handle material
  • ​7.125-inch open length
  • ​4.25-inch closed length
  • ​2.875-inch VG-10 steel blade
  • ​2.56-inch cutting edge
  • ​0.5-inch blade hole
  • 0.09-inch blade thickness
  • 2.5-ounce weight

What Others Have to Say

This knife has to be the best knife I have ever purchased in my entire life. The VG 10 Steel is very easy to sharpen and holds an edge for an insane amount of time. This is the first Spyderco knife I have bought for myself I was formerly a Kershaw man but have changed my mind since my purchase. From grip and ergonomics, to blade steel and lock up. There is no play in any direction whatsoever. Knife came sharp as hell out of the box and have only sharpened once in the last 2 months with heavy use.

What we love

The Delica4’s handle is made from Spyderco’s classic Bi-Directional texturing that is featured on a lot of their knives. You get a grip that is very ergonomic and comfortable from the texturing. When using the knife, the steel liners add a feeling of stability. The handle also incorporates a pivot screw that allows you to adjust the screw if the blade becomes loose.

#2: Aegis by SOG


  • Product dimensions: 8.2 x 2 x 0.2 inches
  • ​Easy-to-handle knife that stands up to tough use, while showcasing top-end opening and locking technology
  • ​Straight edge, 3.5-inch AUS-8 steel folding blade has a clip point shape with a hard case black TiNi finish
  • ​SOG Assisted Technology provides one hand blade opening and a Piston lock provides safety when in the open position
  • Handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon with a digital camo finish and includes checkered Digi-Grip for extra anti-slip security

What we love:

The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools AE06-CP Aegis is an easy-to-handle tool that can stand up to tough use, while showcasing top-end opening and locking technology. Made of AUS-8 steel with an attractive hard case black TiNi finish, the 3.5-inch straight edge, folding blade has a clip point shape that allows a quicker and deeper puncture upon insertion and makes quick work of any task. When you start to open the blade, SOG’s patented S.A.T. (SOG Assisted Technology) takes over and high-tension coil springs propel the blade the rest of the way open for fast, easy, one-handed access. A Piston lock utilizes a movable bar wedged between the blade tang and knife handle to securely lock the blade in place when in the open position.

#3: Benchmade 275BKSN


  • Open Length: 8.70" (22.10cm)
  • ​Closed Length: 4.88" (12.40cm)
  • ​Action: Manual-opening
  • Blade Steel: D2 (60-62 HRC)
  • ​Blade Thickness: 0.160" (4.06mm)
  • ​Blade Length: 3.82" (9.70cm)
  • ​Handle Thickness: 0.73" (18.54mm)
  • ​Sheath Weight: 1.50oz. (42.52g)
  • Weight: 7.68oz. (217.72g)

What we love:

The knife has very positive first impressions. The knife feels like a tank in the hand, lock up is lock solid, the axis lock is surprisingly smooth for such a large and heavy knife (the blade is .16 inches thick and nearly 4 inches long, it's a hefty piece of steel). Before receiving the knife I was concerned that the handle would be too thick to be comfortable, but I was wrong. The handle depth is right around .75 inches with chamfered edges, and it proves comfortable enough for extended use.


In this article, we have reviewed what you should look for in the best Every Day Carry pocket knife as well as the three great knives available in the market today. Based on what you need, the purchase may or may not be very accurate for you. You can take the guidelines we have given in this review into consideration when you are buying a pocket knife.

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