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best Bushcraft Knife

For the most part of my day, I'm in the wilderness. I face a lot of obstacles, palms, trees, you name it. I do a lot of woodwork to meet my needs and that's why I have a bushcraft knife by my side. But, what do I know, you may never have heard the name itself before now. So what is a bushcraft knife? Bushcraft knives are pieces that keep you safe and ensure that you thrive in the wilderness. There are many bushcraft blades on the market. But, the very good ones? It takes great insight to spot them. No need to worry, I've done the work for you. And this isn't just another bushcraft knife reviews post, you can bet on that. You're looking for the best bushcraft knife? Here are five great ones to pick from.

Top 5 Best Bushcraft Knife

1. The Fallkniven F1 Knife

If you're going into the wild without the best all-around bushcraft knife you can lay your hands on, good luck on making it out alive. Does the F1 have these features? Read on for yourself.

The blade takes a drop point shape having a blade of 3.5 inches in length made completely of VG 10 stainless steel. I'm so in love with its tough blade that makes carving so effortless. And when I need lighting?

The F1's blade is designed for use with a fire steel. You're worried about sharpening the convex blade? I had my doubts also. But sandpaper did the trick for me and the blade stayed sharp for a long time. You could get a Fallkniven sharpening stone if you're not okay with my method.

The sheath comes in leather and zytel variants. My sheath has been with me for about three years now and boy does it resist wear and tear. Check all the bushcraft reviews you can, this is one reason the F1 keeps coming up with high ratings.

The thermorun handle did its job and kept my fingers safe. It gives you a sticky feel so it doesn't slip.

You may have seen knives and read many bushcraft reviews. But have you seen one that's lightweight and still gets the job done?

The carbon black has a 4.3 inch blade and it has both stainless and tungsten coated carbon steel variants. I noticed a Scandinavian grind which is responsible for its spike-like tip. Hey you want to open cans and others that'll need this tip?

You have your knife. My blade arrived very sharp from the store and apart from the occasional maintenance, there's been no need for a thorough sharpening.

Something to love about the sheath? It comes with a full loop and a belt clip. When my pockets get filled up, the belt clips keep me going. And the handle? What's not to love? It's durable and it provides a grip many knives would wish to have.

Word has it that the manufacturer actually sampled different handles on a group of men and women to know what people would be comfortable with. Looks like another best all-around bushcraft knife to me.

This is Benchmade's first bushcraft knife. And it is arguably their best bushcraft knife.

It has a fixed blade with a sleek drop point design. The S30V steel, a grade known for its strength adorns this blade. I used mine for a six month long hunting season without needing to sharpen it. But if you're up for it, the S30V steel makes sharpening so easy.

The buckskin leather sheath comes with an attached firesteel loop and fits perfectly on my hips. The sheath provides the resistance you need to wear and tear, but you should watch out for the plastic insert. It gave me lots of trouble. If the sheath becomes too much of a problem, you can get an alternative online or simply replace the plastic insert.

I couldn't have gotten a better handle. With molded G-10 scales held with flared titanium tubing, a great grip is produced. Its hollow tube has allowed me use the blade as a spear a few times. Yeah, good for you with multitasking goals!

Chris Claycombe and Spyderco teamed up on this one to produce this masterpiece.

This 4 inch plain edged blade comes with the drop point design that gives the tip much of its strength. I use it for all my camp chores, even batoning wood. Trust me, its Scandinavian grind blade is what you need for kindling your fires. High quality carbon steel (0-1 Tool Steel) is what the blade's made of, meaning easy sharpening and nice edge retention.

The G-10 scales on the handle keeps my hands on the knife with no bruising at all. I use the spyderco under the rains at times but the handle keeps proving to be so resistant to extreme conditions.

If you're going to buy a fixed blade knife, then make sure it comes with a sheath. And the spyderco delivers on this one. It has a leather sheath with some fasteners for attachment.

Yeah, my great granny would be familiar with this one. That's because it's been there since the 18th century. People were already doing the dirty jobs with this blade sometime in 1787.

Its blade is made of 1075 high carbon steel with a convex grind that's good for my cutting and trimming jobs. It comes with a handle made of hardwood. Hardwood? Yeah. I won't say cheap - I'd say good enough for the money.

And hey, you don't want cuts on your skin so the leather sheath is just perfect.


Now you know the answer to the question, "what is a bushcraft knife?" so there's no reason you shouldn't get started on one. You wouldn't find another post more comprehensive than this one on bushcraft knife reviews.

What do you need in a knife? Strong blades? A firm handle? A sheath that does the job? Don't go looking for jack of all trades and masters of none. That's why you should see every knife as having its own role to play. Some of my features are able to multitask, so you should get those over others.

The conditions you'd be working under should also play a role in determining your pick.

And no, "cheap" doesn't mean worthless. It's all about getting a good bang for your buck. I've done the hard work for you, you don't need to go through the fluff out there again.

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