Best Throwing Knives for Self Defense

We always see in movies people use throwing knives as a mechanism of self-defense. Well, can we apply the same in reality? There have been discussions as to whether throwing knives are reliable for self-defense or not. Still, various experts teach the act of throwing knives for those who find it ideal for defense and fun. Well, throwing knives do work as a way of self-defense if the art is done well and if you use the right dagger. Any knife can be thrown, including the kitchen knives, but the question is, are all knives useful for defense purposes?

What are throwing knives suitable for self-defense?

Several features qualify some knives to be suitable for self-defense than others. Therefore, if you are looking for a tactical knife that you can carry around if you work at night, here are a few tips to guide you.

Choose a thick bladed knife

Thin knives do not work when throwing as they cause imbalance and end up landing on the wrong side. So, choose a knife that has a thick blade.

The tip should not be too thin

When we talk of the tip not being too pointed, I mean it should not be needle-like sharp. Why? Such a knife may roll or even bend in case it lands on a hard object. Keep in mind that you may require to toss the knife more than ones, and thus you don't need a knife that will get damaged on the first throw. Therefore, avoid knives with such tips.

What are the best throwing knives?

However, some knives are specifically designed for throwing purposes. These knives are crafted with a balance mechanism and other features which enable the thrower to get a good aim. The blades come as a set or a single pack depending on the brand.

Here are the top five best throwing knives in 2019.


Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set

If you are looking for a value pack throwing knives for your safety, then get this throwing knife set. The kit comes with 12 pieces to last you for a long time. The knives are designed with an 8.5-inch length suitable for short throws. The blades are durable; hence, you don't have to worry about breakage in case you throw it far away. Another outstanding feature that makes the knife ideal for self-defense is the fact that the tip is not too thin.

Therefore, this makes the knives have a right balance and cannot bend or break if you hit a hard object. The blades are made of metal materials that are super strong for durability purposes. Other great features include the large handle which enables the user to have a good grip when throwing the knife, and they come sharpened for you. The price is fair considering the pack comes with 12 pieces.


​Cold Steel 80STK12 Sure Flight Sport Knife

This is another excellent throw knife that you can slip in your backpack for safety. It has all stable features to ensure your safety in case you are attached. First off, the blade is crafted with a thickness of around 3.5 mm to prevent it from breaking when thrown by force. The blade has a distinct design and black color; hence, no one can quickly notice it at night. It has a long handle to provide a comfortable grip when throwing it.

Note that the knife does come with a sheath; thus, you have to purchase it separately. The steel finishing on the knife increases its roughness and resilient. This knife is ideal for all people, including beginners, as its weight is light for comfortable holding.


​SOG Classic Throwing Knives Set with Sheath

The SOG throwing knives come as a pack of three pieces each. The blade is made of sturdy steel material that does not easily break, making them the best throwing knives for self-defense. The blades are 9.5 inches in length and have a paracord handle to enable you to have a good grip when throwing the knives. You can go hunting and camping with these knives as they are safe to use in all seasons.

Other features that make the set suitable for defense is that the knives do not spin and has created combative rotation which enables one to have a precise aim. The knives come with a velcro strap, and a belt strap for attaching the pack on your pants.


​Expendables Kunai 3 Piece Thrower

This knife brand has been on the market for a long time and is known for making the best knives for various activities, including survival. The crafting and designs are suitable for different occasions, such as defense and hinting. It has a 12-inch length with a stainless steel blade which does not rust or collide.

The handle is wrapped with a cord to give that strong and stable grip of the knife. It is easy to carry the knives around either when hunting or walking at night because the pack comes with a nylon sheath belt, leg strap, and the belt loop for hooking.


​Avis Supply 9 Inch 6 Pieces Stainless Steel Throwing Knife

One outstanding feature that this Avis throwing knife model has is the lightweight design that makes it comfortable to carry even for women. The knife features a 9-inch length and stainless steel material that is sturdy, and durable for the right balance. One pack comes with six pieces, nylon carrying pouch together with a belt loop for hooking on the pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I look for when buying my first-time throwing knife for self-defense?

A: As long the knife has a sharp blade, good grip and the tip is not too thin, it is a good start off for all.

Q: What distance is the best to stand from the target?

A: The right distance to aim at is around 2.6 to 3.1 meter from the target.

Q: How should I Grip the knife before throwing?

A: The knife should not stick-out underside of the hand, and the thumb should be on the side of the sword.


When going for outdoor recreational activities or if you work late nights, you should ensure your safety comes first. Tagging, throwing knives or throwing daggers along, is one of the most trusted ways for survival when abruptly attacked. Make sure to follow the above tips to guide in choosing the best throwing knives for self-defense.

If you have never used the knives before, consider attending the knives throwing classes, to learn the tips on how to throw knives, and how to handle the attacker with a knife.

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