What Flashlights do Police Use?

Since many crimes and violations happen in the cover of darkness, a flashlight is probably the essential item a night shift police officer should carry apart from a gun. It is paramount for a law enforcer to be always prepared. Having a full gear package is a crucial necessity. Aside from having great courage, it does not hurt to have the best equipment to make policing work a little bit easier. When choosing a flashlight, it is essential to go through each feature carefully to get the best piece. Features to check include, the material used in making the flashlight, the light lumen it emanates and the suitability of it in different situations. Some flashlights come in handy as defense weapons in close combat.

They give a tremendous tactical advantage to the officers in the field, and that is why they are referred to as tactical flashlights.

Types of flashlights police use

People in the law enforcement trade widely use different kinds of flashlights. The main difference arises in the beam of light that is produced by each.

LED flashlights

LED flashlights are commonly used in different fields. Their use has generally increased due to their durability. They also do not produce any heat making energy, therefore, conserving power. They give out white light with a blue hue making it very appropriate in very dark environments.

High- Intensity Discharge HID flashlights

HID flashlights produce a very high lumen, bright light. They are easily portable and come in handy when a police officer wants to disorient a person. They make use of electric currents that pass through ionized gas. The flashlight is long-lasting, rechargeable, and waterproof. Police can use it in adverse weather conditions.

Handgun flashlights (weapon lights)

These are flashlights that can be mounted on a long gun or handgun. It enables a police officer to shine a light on a target while at the same time holding the firearm firmly. It negates the awkward situation of carrying a gun on one hand and a flashlight on the other. It is essential in cases where there is gunfire in a dark environment.

Headlamp flashlights

The headlamp flashlights are worn using a band on the head. They are great tools to have, especially in rescue operations in the dark. The law enforcement officer may be in a position that requires the use of both hands. The headlamp flashlight enables the officer to perform the duty in the best condition possible.

​The main Flashlight models that police use.


​Streamlig​​​​ht 754​​​​58 St​​​​​​​​inger

It can easily be the brightest flashlight used by police. It is a handheld flashlight that comes with fascinating yet essential features. It uses LED lighting and is also rechargeable. Due to their size and durability, it makes it a great weapon to use in close combat. The C4 LED technology used for this model is much more potent than the common high-intensity LED light bulbs. At full power, the bulbs can produce a brightness of 640 lumens. The lamps have a 50000 hours lifespan.

The light produced is blinding and can reach 297 meters.


​SureFire Defender E2D​​​​ LED Flashlight

The Surefire Defender has all the features that are essential in a tactical flashlight. Its reliability and durability are unquestionable. It is also a convenient impact weapon when an officer is dealing with violent criminals. It has a feature referred to as the strike bezel. Due to the reinforced materials making the unique bezel, it can land highly effective blows to a criminal.

It is a military-grade flashlight made up of aerospace aluminum.

The LED bulbs produce 500 lumens enabled by a TIR lens. This feature results in a concentrated focus with a sharp cut-off.


J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300

It has an ultra LED light. It is long-lasting even when using a single AA battery. Therefore there is no need for constant charging.

The most exciting aspect of this special flashlight is that it has zoomable capabilities. That is, you can zoom the light beam to either cover a wide area or concentrate the light on a specific item.

It can emit light over the length of two football pitches with light bright enough to spot any target in the shone are. It has three modes of use, strobe, high and low modes. Therefore it is capable of conserving energy when required.


Armytek Barracuda Pro V2

This flashlight was designed with a law enforcer in mind. It consists of a high-intensity CREE XHP35 LED, which emits light that is exceptionally bright. The white glow it produces, together with the brightness makes it a reliable flashlight when searching for criminals in very dark alleys.

What’s more? It is operational in sweltering conditions up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and shallow temperatures even -25 degrees with no effect on the high performance.

It can emit a maximum of 15000 lumens with the light beam reaching over 2500 feet.

It offers nine output levels consisting of two strobe modes. A police officer can quickly access the preferred mode because it has auto memorization.


Surefire X300 Ultra

This is a handgun flashlight. It can emit up to 600 lumens for a total of one and a half hours. It has a new mounting system that tightly secures the torch onto the firearm. It can be used by policemen using either a long gun or a handgun. It is waterproof, and the activation is located at the back of the light. It, therefore, permits operation using one hand.

The brilliant feature of this flashlight can be remotely activated when using either a long gun or a handgun.

It is an essential tactical tool that comes in handy in gunfire that takes place deep into the night.

Frequently Asked Questions about police issued flashlights

The following are the most asked questions about police flashlights.

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7. What power source do police officers use to charge their flashlights when in patrol vehicles?

Police flashlights are a great tool that enables police officers to perform their duty in optimal conditions. The bright light from police flashlights disorient criminals in the dark and therefore can be apprehended with minimal fuss. Whether on duty or off duty, a flashlight is a handy tool for any police officer. This is helped by modern advancement in the field that has produced several flashlights that are smaller and portable anywhere. There are pen flashlights that have proven very useful in the field. Police officers, therefore, do not have to wait till daylight to keep citizens in an area safe. They can create their light using their tactical flashlights.

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