The Best Tactical Lanterns – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you after that lantern that is just perfect for camping? Or are you looking for one with maximum light output during the night or in case of emergency? Well, look no more; you landed on the best page with that’ll give answers and more. We have researched and compiled a list of the best lanterns on the market for now. Here you’ll get to know everything there’s concerning the top-rated 10 lanterns according to power output, flexibility and most importantly, convenience when need arises.    

Bell & Howell 1454 taclight Lantern

I am fascinated by lantern light development and I cannot fully tell you how thrilled I was when I found out that a young Kenyan inventor had designed a solar powered LED lantern and what was so encouraging was how he distributed 10,000 units to villagers- free. His may not be on this list, but we can relate to that story as we sample how the big players in the industry fared in 2017.

A good lantern should be able to simply give you light when you need it, isn't it? We'll, that's right, but there's much more that a really cool LED light should offer. When it can go beyond what traditional lamps do, then we are talking about a truly fine gadget.

It is crucial to note that just like other gadgets out there, these lighting systems come in different shapes, sizes, versatility, power output, and more critically, various price levels. It is my hope that you will leverage the information on this site to make the choice that'll not only be tactically good but also very prudent financially.

Best lanterns in 2017 comparison Table.

Top 10 ​Best Tactical Lanterns

Best Tactical Lanterns






Our Rating  

Bell & Howell 1454 taclight Lantern
Higoss Military Tactical Waist Pack 5.0



Atomic Beam Lantern
Egooz Tactical Molle EDC Military Utility Pouch 5.0



Vont ultra Bright LED  Lantern
Vont ultra Bright LED  Lantern
WATERFLY Durable Waist Pack



Elekcity 4 Pack Portable
Huntvp Military Fanny Pack



Streamlight 44931 the siege lantern



Coleman Quad LED Lantern



Supernova ultra bright led lantern



Rayovac sportsman lantern
YUOTO Outdoor Fanny Pack



Supernova halo 180 extreme led



Sunhiker Sports Water Resistant Waist Pack



​Different types of lanterns for use during power outage

Different types of lanterns for use during power outage

Emergencies are just that; emergencies. Often we have no knowledge of when it can happen. But that doesn’t mean we sit, cross our legs and wait. We prepare. And that applies to power outages too. They are on one of those that pop out of the blue to throw us into confusion when not well prepared.

And that’s where lanterns for power outages come in. They are so invaluable; every home should strive to have one.

So, what are the best emergency lights outs there? Here is our list.

Luci Solar Air Lantern

This miniature lightweight lantern is unique. It works when it becomes inflated to its full size and gets charged using an in-built solar. Its tiny form allows for portability and therefore great in every blackout situation.  The Luci solar Air lantern takes just a couple of hours to charge, but can provide continuous lighting for up to 12 hours. It is also waterproof making it suitable even in storms.  It further has SOS and because it is not expensive, I highly recommend it as a must have during outages. Note that it does tend to beam light 360° and not directed at a particular point.

Flashlights/ LED Lanterns

Flashlights are great as go to kits when power suddenly cuts. Be it traditional bulb type spotlights or the versatile LEDS, these hand- held sources of light never disappoint when called upon. They can be rechargeable or not but they are easy to use and provide pointed lighting to an area. Most LEDs are capable of providing light for over 10 days continuously making them popular. In addition flashlights come in all sorts of models it so easy to find what suits you. Are ready for that power cut? Get yourself a good flashlight. Most are inexpensive but still do a great job.

Headlamp Lanterns

Worn on the head, a headlamp is can be really helpful out their especially when your hands should be freed for other better activities. Its benefits include allowing you to keep doing what you were handling before the power loss. The world of headlamps is growing by the day and there are plenty of special gadgets that make a blackout something not to fret about.        

Oil Lanterns

It has been around for as long as humanity was able to burn oil. Modifications have been made to bring them up to speed with modern lifestyles. But they still use oil for lighting a wick. Since it’s not an everyday choice for lighting, it pays to have it filled so that when the time comes; the only thing you look for is a matchstick. It is long lasting, burning as long as there’s oil. The downside is the danger it poses as a fire risk and the fragile glass that can easily be broken.

​Gas Lamps/Lanterns

Gas Lamps/Lanterns

This lantern is an upgrade of the oil lamp. It consists of a burner and a gas tank. One of its advantages is that it can provide lighting for a long time so long as fuel is available. It also has adjusting knobs for brightness levels. Propane lamps are easy to use for they are just like our kitchen cookers. These lamps come in handy though caution is needed as they can pose a fire risk.

​Top 5 best lanterns Reviews and Buyer's guide

Top 5 best lanterns Reviews and Buyer's guide

The year is coming to an end and the great holiday season is upon us. What these means is that we may see a surge in demand for lanterns. We have compared the top10 lanterns for power outages. It's now important that we review the top 5 lanterns and see what made them tick in 2017 and will arguably continue to do so in 2018. If you are reading this, then you are just in time for the revelation of the top 5 best lanterns for 2017. Let’s roll!

Our Rating

Bell &Howell are a reputable company that has over the years specialized in producing top drawer lanterns and flashlights. It is along this vein that they designed their TacLight lantern that is promoted as being brighter than an ordinary lantern.

Heck, there’s even a commercial that zooms in on how tough and sturdy this light is. It is shown to be waterproof, heat resistant and can survive freezing temperatures. All these are aimed at proving the manufacturer’s assertion that this is a military-grade lantern. That’s all fine, but what solid info do we have about this ‘super ‘gadget? Let’s go over it.

Bell &Howell taclight lantern is collapsible. The casing slide to collapse to the size of a Smartphone. This aspect makes it good for outdoor use when you don’t need bulky cargo.

The taclight features five modes: low beam, medium, high, SOS and Strobe. It is capable of being seen from two nautical miles and functions best as a floodlight.

It is molded from aircraft aluminum casing it tough and durable, but nevertheless remains lightweight. It is a great light during emergencies and blackouts.

​The lantern uses 3 AAA batteries that unfortunately, are sold separately. If you fancy this tactical lantern, then check it out at
Atomic Beam Lantern Review

Our Rating

The Atomic Beam Lantern is the newest much fancied lighting product from BulbHead. It is a brighter and unsurprisingly strong unit. The device is sealed airtight giving it the ability to be highly resistant to the elements. All round plastic and aluminum casing makes it tough to break and hence durable.

Measuring 5.25” x 1.50” and weighing a mere 1.38lbs, the Atomic Lantern is lightweight making it ideal for all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities? To lay further claim to being a great light, the beam boasts of 30 LEDs, tucked in at three levels and at strategic angles, the diodes disperse light in all directions, 360°. This is beamed around in a powerful 5000 Lux.

In terms of handling, it comes with easy-to-use pull/push buttons that are simply the on/off feature. On top of these, the hands-free module means you can hang the lantern, stick it somewhere using its magnetization technology or just hook it on a stand and you are good to go.

​The model uses batteries to power the diodes, but unfortunately, you buy separately. The product is priced at $20.00 for a single unit or $30.00 for two at the manufacturer. It is also sold at Follow the link below to view and place an order.
Vont Ultra Bright LED Rechargeable Lantern Review
Atomic Beam Lantern Review

Our Rating

Are you wondering which the best rechargeable light out there is? Do you consider these types of lights tactically superior to traditional lights? Well, the answer to your question is in this vastly superior Vont Ultra Bright LED Lantern. The Amazon description of this item proclaims it as the brightest lantern on Amazon. We took the liberty to find out for ourselves whether Vont’s claims could be verified. Here is the information we collated.

The lantern is built for use both within and outdoors. Using plastic, the ultra bright light is the hand built to a military grade standard. The finished product is lightweight, collapsible and therefore portable. There are 30 premium LEDs that have an output never experienced before. Despite this massive outlay on LEDs, the batteries are surprisingly long lasting. Furthermore, the lantern supports or is compatible with rechargeable batteries. The power needs are taken care of via three AAA cells.

​Another perk that comes with this super lantern is the 10 year warranty that covers accidental damages or defects’
Tac light lantern review
Vont Ultra Bright LED Rechargeable Lantern Review
Atomic Beam Lantern Review

Our Rating

The TacLight Lantern has literally tried to live up to its name. It is marketed as a military grade tactical LED that is touted as the toughest lantern built. It is highly viewed among shoppers who praise it for its compact style and collapsible nature. It comes in handy during emergencies or power outages. The manufacturer bills it as being strong enough to comfortably light up a sizable room.

Furthermore the TacLight Lantern is portable, meaning it can go where you go, springing to action when you need it. It is said that this light has been designed to withstand water and heat assault. This is definitely one point to sell this brand new lighting phenomenon, if the claim were to be verified.

The deluxe models sport a magnetic base that can stick on a metallic surface like a car or lamp post. You don’t have to interrupt your work ,just stick and get going. Great! It has a solid run time of over 200 hours at a go.

​Price worthy, the Taclight is really a bargain of sorts. TacLight sweetens the deal further with the evergreen ‘buy two, get one’. You can actually take advantage and be among the first to own this special light. Or you could wait for a couple of months till reviews begin flooding the market
Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern Review
Tac light lantern review
Vont Ultra Bright LED Rechargeable Lantern Review
Atomic Beam Lantern Review

Our Rating

The Streamlight 44931 Siege Lantern is not on this list by mistake. It has earned its place via a solid performance to become one of the most sought lanterns. It is a waterproof and impact-resistant model whose design gives it a sturdy look. This lightweight lamp allows you easy access to the battery compartment for a quick fire replacement of drained cells.

An indicator tells about your battery levels flashing green for full, yellow for alerting to replace or red to man the juice is drained. It comes with five LEDs; four are white while the red one is useful for SOS situations.

The 44931 Siege can be used indoors or outdoors, giving it a dependability that helps make it highly regarded. A long run time range of between 30 and 430 hours with lumens of between 10 to about 175. It is allows for the removal of the outer globe casing so as to illuminate a large area.

Another feature it has is the ability to continue working even after a drop from about six feet.  The lantern also floats when it hits water, able to carry on undamaged.

Other features of this lamp are:  uses D size battery type, weighs 1 pound, can be hang to illuminate from a vantage point, and is great even in extreme weather conditions.

​Before buying that lantern; Factors to consider.

Before buying that lantern; Factors to consider.

It is sometimes excruciating and we can often end up being angry at ourselves when and if our shopping experience goes wrong. How this happens may be due to various reasons, but the most common tends to be our lack of knowhow concerning the products that we want to buy. That’s why we end up with a product we never intended or one that doesn’t meet our expectations.

And this is why we always emphasize that you should have a checklist of the things you must consider before deciding to part with your bucks in exchange for a certain item. Likewise, when hunting for that lantern, be it for your blackout emergency or outdoor activity, ensure you ask a sales rep or by making sure you know the following. It will help you get the exact item you are after.

Find out about the Lumens: - this is where you get a super lantern or a so-so one.  Size alone should not deceive you. Finding out about lumens is one way of getting to know whether the product can serve your needs for as long as you want it to.

What is its battery life? - Very important, especially if it is an outdoor model.

How bright is the model? – For instance how much further can it illuminate. Can I go fishing at night with it?

What are its design strengths? – Things like portability, collapsible, waterproof, pocket size etc.

​Is it easy to use? - It is imperative that it is. Complicated ones only complicate the situation. Again, don’t forget to look for products with a warranty or return/refund allowance. It’s important at this point to ensure you get documentation to verify purchase.



​Lanterns come in various shapes, sizes and makes. All have the primary function of providing light, especially at night. However, they differ on a number of characteristics as we saw in our buyer’s guide above. It is for this reasons that we end up having top 10 best lanterns for example. Or top 5 lanterns for emergencies. So, what’s my point here? Consider taking time to read more about the products of your interest. I also wish to state that we live in a world of innovation and invention. New products or technological improvements on old ones are released every now and then. So keep checking review sites like this one to update your knowledge. And finally, always have a plan B where your lighting is concerned, you never know when it may be needed. Get yourself one of the above bestsellers.