The Best Hunting Flashlight for 2017 – Reviews

Best Hunting Flashlight

Let's face it, if you're an avid hunter you've probably already ventured on to the dark side to maximize your chances of catching your nocturnal pray. The one tool that is indispensable to your new activity is a tactical hunting flashlight that will help effectively guide you through your night adventures. Before you go out and buy any ol flashlight from your hardware store, you'll want to put some thought and consideration into your decision. No matter which light you choose to guide you through the darkness, you'll want to look for one that is powerful enough to help you navigate your way no matter the circumstances.

You may be asking why it's necessary to purchase a flashlight specific to hunting when you can simply pick up a multipurpose light and head out but let us tell you why you should think again if these are you plans. We'll provide you with a list of our top picks to assist you in your search, along with some things to consider before making your purchase.

Why should I invest in a tactical hunting flashlight?

- Optimize Hunting & Tracking

If you're stumbling around the forest and making noise while trying to hunt your pray, you'll without a doubt startle your target. With the right flashlight you'll be able to effectively and quietly move around without the risk of drawing attention to yourself.

- Durability

Using the wrong tool for the job is never a bright idea if you're expecting it to last a lifetime; this is why investing in a hunting specific flashlight will ensure you'll be able to use it time and time again. Tactical hunting flashlight are more durable then the average flashlight and are able to hold up under poor weather conditions. Also, if you plan on using your flashlight for illuminating your direct aim you're going to want to make sure it has the capability to withstand the heavy gauge recoil of a rifle.

- Multipurpose

Not only will the right light help you hunt better but it can also serve other purposes such as acting as a self defence weapon. In general, activities conducted in the dark come with a greater risk which is why having a flashlight that can double as your protection, in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation, is to your advantage.

Considerations before buying

1. Become familiar with the ANSI FLI Standards - so you are better able to compare the features of different lights. When trying to figure out which light is best for you you'll want to pay attention to the light output, run time, beam distance, peak beam intensity, impact resistance and water resistance.

2. Type of bulb - An LED bulb is the best for longest run time, brightness versatility, impact resistance and energy efficiency. In a good hunting flashlight, you're going to want to look for a light with at least a 100 lumens output.

3. Beam Typed - Typically you'll find these three types of beams available: Fixed/flood, focused on spot or adjustable.

4. Batteries - Li- ion rechargeable batteries are energy efficient and provide the best option for a power source.

5. Modes - Look for a flashlight with various modes and outputs. For hunting it's best to consider buying a flashlight which also has zoom capabilities.

6. Additional features - Once you've narrowed down your search, you can start looking into the additional capabilities the flashlight offers. For night hunting, a SOS or strobe function is desirable for signalling members of your team.

What the Experts Say:

Top 3 – Hunting Flashlights Reviews

1. Solaray Pro ZX-2

Main Features:
  • XML T6 CREE super silicon carbide single die LED chip
  • ​5 modes: High, medium, low beam, strobe, SOS
  • ​Water resistant
  • Uses a 18650 3.7c Li-on battery, rechargeable up to 500 times
  • High quality tail switch

The Solaray Pro ZX-2 is an insanely durable, ultra bright and strategically engineered product made from aircraft grade aluminum, ensuring a long life. For a tactical flashlight with 1,200 lumens and only 0.39lbs, the competition doesn't stand much of a chance up against the Solaray.

What we love...The brightest hunting flashlight with the ability to illuminate an entire room!

2. Vizeri 230 LED

Main Features:
  • ​5 modes: High, medium, low, strobe, SOS. Member last mode capability.
  • ​Water resistant, can be submerged up of 3 feet
  • ​2 power options: AAA or CR123 alkaline batteries OR 18650 rechargeable Li-on battery. If using on high mode, a li-ion battery is suggested for maintaining longer life.

For a good hunting flashlight full of features, the VZ230 is an all around great product for many usages from out in the field to in and around the home. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and weighing just 0.23lbs, this powerful little light packs a punch.

What we love... Our favourite feature is the zoom in/out focused lens. The added accessories such as the holster and lamp diffuser are definite bonuses and make this one of the best hunting flashlights around.

​3. Streamlight 88040 Pro Tac HL

Main Features:
  • ​C4 LED
  • ​3 modes: High beam, strobe, low beam
  • ​Water resistant, up to 1 meter for 30 min
  • Uses 2 CR 123A batteries, 50,000 lifetime

The Streamlight 88040 offers a compact and lightweight solution, weighing in at 0.35lbs, it makes for a good hunting flashlight with a high output of 750 lumens and incredible durability.

What we love...The LED power regulation system! This function allows maximum output of light throughout the battery life.


Tracking down the right hunting flashlight for your needs is definitely more difficult these days as there are many more products on the market with plenty new features to confuse the buyer. When making your selection, ask yourself specifically what you plan on using your flashlight for and remember to stick to the basics when deciding on which to go with. Picking the best hunting flashlight will help you stay focused and allow you to keep your eyes on your pray, giving you a better chance at a catch!

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