The Best EDC (Every Day Carry) Flashlight – 2017 Reviews

Best EDC Flashlight

The problem with purchasing a new flashlight is that they all pretty much look the same. You ask yourself, what’s the big deal, the thing just lights up dark spaces, right?

True, but when you do find yourself looking into buying a new flashlight there are a few things to keep an eye out for: light output, battery type and run time, and size and weight. You’ll also want to look for keywords such as lumens, beam distance, run time, and whether or not these lights are water and/or impact resistant.

In this best everyday carry flashlight review, the goal is to help sort out the distinctions between different models and brands and hopefully help you make a decision.

Top 5 Best Best EDC Flashlight

Surefire P2X Fury

The Surefire P2X Fury is a pocket-sized light that uses high-efficiency and virtually fail-proof LED technology to produce 15 or 500 lumens of concentrated light. At 500-lumens the flashlight has a run time of 1.5 hours, and at 15-lumens the flashlight has a run time that lasts an amazing 46 hours.

At only 5.7 ounces with batteries, this light is the definition of convenient and easy to carry. It’s constructed out of high-strength aerospace aluminum and is anodized to military specifications for resistance to scratches, abrasion, and corrosion. Its coated, tempered window resists impact and thermal shock, as well as maximizing light transmission.

It is highly praised by customers and one of the top-ranked flashlights on Amazon, listed now at $206.35.

CRKT Williams Tactical Applications

Designed by former military officer and knife designer James Williams, the CRKT Williams Tactical is the epitome of versatile. This light weighs a mere 6.4 ounces and provides a powerful LED output that’s perfect for outdoor use, self-defense, and everyday carry.

It’s got a hard coat, black anodized design that helps prevent corrosion, reduce impact damage, and increase durability. On top of that, its projected lens reflectors help to provide maximum output and brightness of blinding light.

This flashlight has many different modes and settings, ranging from full power to low emitting light to the strobe setting and the S.O.S. feature, all of which are accessible with the press of your thumb on the rubberized tail cap.

Customers seem to love its multiple features, its slim profile, and the convenience of clipping it on to a belt or pocket for carry. It is listed on Amazon at $86.12.

Fenix PD35

This model, like its predecessors, remains pocket-sized but emphasizes higher performance and tactical employment now more than ever. It has two modes: outdoor and tactical; and each mode has its own list of settings with specific outputs and run times. At max, the PD35 will produce 1000 lumens with an hour and ten minute run time, but in its lowest setting (outdoor mode: eco) the flashlight will emit an output of 8-lumens with a 140-hour span.

This flashlight is made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum, with an anodized, anti-abrasive coating, and an anti-roll, slip-resistant design. It has a low voltage reminder to indicate with the batteries need to be replaced and is also waterproof up to 6 ½ feet for 30 minutes.

Fans of this light boast on its versatility in various situations and seem to love how adaptable the light is to any circumstance. Arguably the best EDC flashlights on the list, this item is listed on Amazon for $72.95.

Streamlight ProTac 2AAA

Perhaps the lightest flashlight on the market (but definitely the lightest on this list), the Streamlight ProTac 2AAA is big on function and performance and is only the size of a marker. Streamlight has incorporated its C4 LED technology into this flashlight to produce a stronger, more durable, and more powerful LED flashlight than ever before.

This pen-sized light has three modes: high, low, and strobe, and it runs off of two AAA alkaline battery (included with purchase). It is made from hardwearing aluminum and has a Type II Mil-Spec anodized coating. Its anti-roll head prevents the light from rolling away when set down and has a removable pocket clip to allow for easy access. One of the best EDC flashlights under 50 and the best pocket flashlight, it is listed on Amazon for $29.00.

Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMU-X3R

The brightest EDC flashlight on the list sits at an astounding 2000 lumens with a run time of 2.5 hours. This portable torch is lightweight at 6.6 ounces and is constructed out of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and has a sapphire coating and antireflective glass.

All of these features seem rather standard in comparison with some of the other lights in this article. But what you haven’t seen yet is a flashlight that is reconfigurable to suit one’s person needs like the Maelstrom Regen is. Users can opt towards more modes for greater versatility or fewer modes for convenience and easy access. Unlike the others, this light is rechargeable and included with purchase is a rechargeable lithium ion battery and micro-USB cable.

Right now this item is listed on Amazon at $115.00.


A common misconception when people are looking to buy a new flashlight revolves around lumens; they often associate a higher amount of lumens as being a better a better flashlight. But this is not always the case. As mentioned earlier in this best everyday carry article, there are other things that you should look out for before finally making your purchase.

Before adding it into your cart and clicking on the confirm purchase button, make sure you have thought well and hard into what exactly you need to accomplish with this light. If most of your activities solely involve lighting up dark areas, then a high lumen flashlight such as the Maelstrom Regen might be your best bet. But if self-defense might ever be a concern to you, something like the CRKT might be a better option (especially at a lower price).

But whatever you decide, make sure the flashlight suits all of your needs. A good everyday flashlight is more of an investment, rather than a thoughtless purchase.

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