The Best AAA Flashlight – Reviews for 2017

AAA Flashlight

An AAA flashlight might not be the smallest or most compact flashlight you can get. And it won’t be the brightest either. But one of the great things about AAA flashlights is that AAA flashlights are widely available, meaning you’ll always be able to keep them powered. And they offer a good deal of versatility too.

So whether you’re a seasoned trekker, just getting started, or only want a flashlight to help keep your working space well-lit, AAA flashlights have a lot to offer.

In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at 5 of the best AAA flashlights out there, including a personal recommendation from myself at the end. And we’ll get started with a couple of products that are especially powerful and versatile, making them ideal for survival out in the bush.

Top 5 Best AAA Flashlight

1. Anker Bolder LC40

It’s the best 3 AAA flashlight and the most powerful AAA flashlight that we’ll look at in this article too. As you’d expect with the extra batteries, you’re getting a lot of power and brightness with the Bolder LC40.

With up to 400 lumens and distances that can go up to 180 metres, not to mention 4-6 hours of battery life depending on whether you use disposable or rechargeable, this is an ideal flashlight for someone looking for maximum power. Added bonuses include water-resistance that can withstand heavy rain, a hand strap, and an 18-month warranty. All things considered then, this is an exceptional product for someone in need of maximum force in their flashlight.

2. Mag-Lite XL200

The XL200 is another 3 AAA flashlight that’s great if you’re in need of a variety of lights. It comes with five in total: high power, strobe, nite lite, signal mode, and SOS.

This might be of particular use if you’re going for extended treks into the wilderness and feel you may need to rely on a number of different lighting styles based on the situation. It also has a beam distance of 138 metres with 173 lumens to boot, meaning it’s no slouch in terms of power either. Couple these features with exceptional build quality and Mag-Lite has a real winner here, especially for the veteran outdoorsman.

3. ThruNute Ti3

The Ti3’s combination of versatility and power means it’s the best single AAA flashlight on the market. It’s also the brightest single AAA flashlight we’ll look at.

So with a max beam intensity of 120 lumens and going distances of up to 50 metres, the Ti3 has power. And with its three different brightness modes, as well as both a steady and strobing beam, the Ti3 also comes ripe with usability in a variety of situations. All things considered then, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

4. Streamlight CREE LED Flashlight

It’s not as powerful or versatile as the Ti3 but its build quality and usefulness still make Streamlight’s offering one of the better single AAA flashlights on the market. With a slender 3.5-inch length, this offering from Streamlight makes it ultra-convenient when out on the trail or even if you’re at home in need of some extra light.

This compact product offers 28 lumens with a max distance of 52 feet, meaning it isn’t ultra-powerful, but it’ll get the job done for duties in close. What’s nice about this flashlight is its 2.25-hour battery life, with a lifetime estimate of 30,000 hours. In other words, it’ll last you a long time, especially relative to its size and the fact that it only requires one battery. It also has exceptional build quality (as is standard with Streamlight), and its tiny price tag means it’s a good offer value-wise.

5. EdisonBright Nitecore MT06

The MT06 is a worthy product due to its sturdiness and build quality. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the MT06 can reach up to 160 lumens with a battery length over 5 hours long.

It also features two different brightness modes. While not particularly exciting in terms of a multitude of features or brute strength in lighting power, the MT06 comes highly reviewed and offers a steady and compact solution for those in need of something that has a blend of power, efficiency, and durability. As a result, it may be the best 2 AAA flashlight on the market.


I really like the LC40. I think it’s the best 3 AAA flashlight, the most powerful AAA tactical flashlight, and quite frankly the best AAA flashlight that you can get your hands on. Whether it’s the beam distances of up to 180 metres, the 400 lumens, the build quality, or the added features that it comes with, this is just an exceptional product. Sure the fact that it’s 3 AAA batteries as opposed to 1 or 2 is a minor detractor, but not enough for any other product to dethrone it.

As for the other products, the XL200 is also excellent, and especially so if you’re looking for a variety of light modes. The Ti3 is my recommended go-to if you want the best single AAA flashlight (and the brightest single AAA flashlight too) that’s more compact while still offering some power. Streamlight has a good, highly-reviewed single AAA flashlight as well, that’s particularly good for in close. And the MT06 is once again a good combination of power and build quality, especially relative to other 2 AAA flashlights.

So my ultimate recommendation, then, is to go with what your needs are. The LC40 gives you raw power. The XL200 offers versatility. The Ti3 is the best single AAA flashlight on the market. Streamlight’s is good for precision. And the MT06 has a bit of everything, and is the best 2 AAA flashlight out there. So consider your needs, and go with the product that makes the most sense for you. But ultimately, one of these fives products should keep your days inside or outdoors nice and bright.

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