The Best AA Flashlight – Single and Double Battery Reviews

Best AA Flashlight

Finding a flashlight can be tricky for many reasons including functionality, battery life, and lumen output. If you Google the word “flashlight” there is a huge amount of results that come up from rechargeable to tactical. Additionally, the sizes and shapes can vary and of course the prices can go from the single digits to the triple digits. One way to reduce some of the hassle or confusion on your options is to search for the best AA flashlight and collect some more information on AA flashlight reviews. You see, the reason why AA flashlights help simplify some of the search is simply because it gives consumers access to a common battery that can be found in pretty much any local store. A specialized battery, for example, the CR123a is harder to find and can be more expensive. By narrowing your search down by battery alone it becomes easier to find the brightest AA flashlight and what the overall best single AA flashlight may be. Here’s a list of 5 top notch AA flashlights to help you along with picking the best and right for you:

ThruNite Archer 1A V3

To start things off, the ThruNite Archer 1A V3 is a reliable and 200 Lumen producing flashlight. Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum body with military grade Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, it packs a punch for being such a little guy.

The ThruNite AA flashlight provides you with a 30-day free replacement guarantee and lifetime limited warranty so you not only trust in its staying power but believe in its quality. It comes in at just 2.1 ounces so it’s light and travel safe and proves to be a great budget device for just under $30. There is a really refined dependability in this flashlight as it lasts about 115 minutes on its highest mode and 22 hours on its lowest mode using only a single AA battery.

Zebralight SC5 AA Flashlight

Besides having a pretty excellent name, the Zebralight is the brightest single AA flashlight in our group today outputting 535 lumens. The Zebralight also gets pretty technologically savvy as there is a battery capacity indicator as well as an automatic turning down in power from High to Medium to preserve the battery life.

At $85, the Zebralight SC5 boasts a user friendly interface that helps the user access controls and settings with ease and only uses 1 AA battery. For folks going to make the most of this tough as nails compact AA flashlight, the exterior is waterproof and is rough and tumble.

Quark Click QK2A-X LED Flashlight

The Quark Click QK2A-X takes 2 AA batteries and has a sleek and long design that stands out from the many products on the AA flashlight review, as it can last 5 days and outputs 336 lumens.

Simplicity and design are its most revered characteristics including the helpful and durable hand grip extension. It also features a quick and simple click power feature that takes the fuss away from multiclick options which could be perfect for the everyday user looking for quick and powerful uses.

Eagletac GX25A3 XM-L2 LED Flashlight

The compact yet spunky AA flashlight is our brightest AA flashlight with 3 AA batteries and producing 1116 Lumens. It’s lightweight design is easy to grip and holds a pretty standard anti-reflective glass. It’s waterproof exterior and rugged design make it a flexible option for folks considering a tactical approach with an everyday curb appeal.

This AA flashlight keeps a steady runtime of 1.3 hours and a decent beam distance of 284 meters. The operation of this AA flashlight can be overly simplistic, relying on a basic on/off button and to access its strobe features. Lastly, at around $418, it is our most expensive AA flashlight considered.

Sunwayman D40A Cree XM-L2

If you’re looking for something close to the output of the Eagletac but without the triple digit price tag, welcome to the Sunwayman D40A Cree XM-L2. This 4 AA flashlight will run you a little less than $65 and comes with a sturdy exterior that fits comfortably in most hands.

The compact AA flashlight includes 980 lumens output with modes spanning police strobe, SOS, and Moon modes. The body also holds a pretty responsive on/off switch that is as user friendly as it is comfortable. On its lowest mode the Sunwayman can run approximately 30 hours and is economically and practically a good fit for most needs.

The AA flashlight comes up some challenges as it's competing with more high tech options including USB and tactical flashlights that provide some of the bells and whistles that some users are looking for when choosing a flashlight for their uses. However, there is something traditional, convenient and even a bit modern about the AA flashlight. They are not particularly tied to anything and are used with common everyday batteries that make sense for the average user. The AA flashlight can range from mid-sized to compact and tiny and overall just have an inability to recharge its battery as its only limitation. Depending on who you are this might be seen more as a benefit than any other option out there.

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