The Best Dive Watches on the Market in 2017

Dive watches are one of the best secure watches that have been around since 1950.Good thing about dive watches is you don’t need to be a diver to appreciate these high performance, gorgeously designed watches. These watches tend to be thick and bold to help them withstand the extreme pressures that come from swimming deep below the water surface. Due to this feature, a dive watch can easily be spotted from far. Some of these best military dive watches also have an external movable bezel ring that is used to time everything, like how much time you spend underwater or how long you’ve been waiting for a taxi. These watches also have some illuminated materials applied to them to aid in visibility in case one heads underwater and things get dark.

Some of these watches are said to go around 90 meters below water surface and others can even go to a depth of more than 1000 meters, Although the deepest a scuba diver has ever gone is a little over 300 meters. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on dive watches anymore to get what you require, So we have reviewed the best dive watches that costs under 500 dollars and have compiled a list of the top 5 best dive watches that we’re confident will be the perfect model for your needs.

How to choose a reliable and Efficient Dive Watch

Some divers buy watches and only get to wear them once because the watch shuts down completely. So these are the characteristics you should watch out for when purchasing a dive watch.

  • Build quality- a lot of divers entrust watches with their life when it comes to knowing exactly how much time is remaining underwater. That means reliability and durability are crucial when it comes to purchasing dive watches. To make sure you purchase this kind of a watch, look for a dive watch with a nicely built case, a good strap, and a strong crystal
  • Water Resistance: when you’re buying a dive watch, it should be water resistance. Most watches have 50 meter resistance which means the watch will survive normal hand washes and even a shower. But when looking at dive watches, at least 200 meters of water resistance is the standard level. Make sure to choose a high level of water resistance watch if you’re looking to have a watch that can withstand diving, swimming, and even showering.
  • Pricing: we have made sure that you choose the most affordable watch, because paying more doesn’t exactly guarantee you’re getting more out of it. Paying below 500 dollars for a dive watch is okay because there are plenty of classic watches to choose from. Finding the excellent model is what we hope to help you do.

Top 5 Reviewed Best Dive Watches.

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241426 Dive Master 500

Increase the quality of your diving by upgrading your watch to the $449 Victorinox Swiss Army men’s Diver Master 500 watch. This durable peace of watch features an exception characteristic, where a date window is clearly displayed.

The specifications of this product are,

  • Has a stainless steel case and band material
  • ​Round in shape
  • ​The band and dial color are black in color
  • ​Has a timer
  • Has luminous hands
  • Has a water resistance depth of 1640 Feet

The good thing about the Hamilton Khaki King Scuba is its ability of quickly transitioning from date to day to the deep sea. At first look it seems like a watch you could wear to the office but it’s among the best dive watches. The Hamilton watch goes for only $425

The specifications of this product are,

  • Round in shape
  • ​Has a stainless steel bracelet as band material
  • ​Has a rotating stainless steel with black ion-plated, bezel material.
  • ​Weighs 10.56 Ounce
  • Has a black dial color
  • ​Case diameter of 41mm
  • ​Case thickness of 14mm
  • Has Water resistance depth of up to 330 feet.

This watch has immediately become the new Seiko that each and every watch fanatic should have. It’s a clean and simple dive watch with a killer high quality shape for a long legacy of Seiko divers.

The specifications of this product are,

  • Round in shape
  • ​Has a stainless steel case and band material
  • ​Has a silver band color
  • ​Has a black dial color
  • Has an automatic self-wind movement
  • ​Water resistance depth of up to 200 meters
  • Analog display mode

The luminox men’s original navy seal dive watch bears unequaled illumination system that shines 100 times brighter than most other luminous watches. This unique feature make this dive watch the perfect choice in dim light and non-light situations.

The specifications of this product are,

  • Has a Blue dial color
  • ​Has a Polyurethane bezel material
  • ​Has a Black band color
  • ​Weighs 16 ounces
  • Up to 660 feet water resistance depth
  • Has Polyurethane case material
  • The luminox men’s 3003 original navy seal retails at a price of $189.99.

5. Helson Brass Shark Diver 42

Among the many small brands in the watch industry, Helson is one of the few brands that seem to be passing the test of time. The shark diver is thick and well executed just like many classic dive watches. This is because it’s loaded with amazing dazzling SuperLuminova and an outstanding water resistance depth of 500 meters. This bold variation is the most affordable variant of the watches that use Seiko’s NH35.

The specifications of this product are,

  • Has a bronze CuSn8 case
  • ​Has 25 Jewel ETA 2824-2 automatic movement
  • ​Has a water resistance depth of 1640 feet(500 meters)
  • ​Has dial hands
  • Bezel coated with Swiss SuperLuminova
  • ​Has an Automatic helium escape valve
  • Has comfortable 22 mm rubber strap with 20mm bronze buckle


According to our product review of the top 5 dive watches, the Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241429 Dive Master is the best buy compared to all dive watches that cost less than $500, because of the added extras that make paying $449 extra okay.

In case you’re looking for a reliable highly rated dive watch, then Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241429 Dive Master might be what you’re looking for.

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