The Best Bow Release for Archery – 2017 Reviews

Bow Release for Archery

A good bow hunter knows the importance of using the best bow release to cleanly shoot each shot. With so many choices out there, it can get muddled even for the seasoned hunter to decide what the best option is for them. There are plenty of compound bow release reviews and other guides you can read. A good starting point is deciding whether to go with a handheld or wrist model. A Handheld bow release works with your thumb using an automatic mechanism, with the option of using a back tension to release. Wrist or caliper releases will draw the weight from your wrist to make it easier when gripping the bow. Here are five bow releases from these two types of releases to consider for yourself:

Top 5 Best Bow Release for Archery

1. Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Release

It seems like the Tru-Fire Hardcore was designed with your comfort in mind. It’s foldback design will hold the calipers which is handy when climbing. You can also adjust the length of the head and strap by turning the head either clockwise or counter clockwise.

It’s single made hook will self-close automatically for great precision for all your shots. The Evolution buckle strap is equipped on the Tru-Fit Hardcore which simplifies its use. You will experience a great level of sensitivity when you release a bolt due to the four-ounce trigger.

2. Scott Archery Little Goose

Don’t let the name fool you into underestimating this release that is packed with features that makes it one of the best bow release for accuracy. The single caliper release allows the Little Goose to score huge points for dependability. Being able to adjust the length is not a problem with the five holes complete with buckle. You can even change out the trigger with straight, spring, or swept options. It’s built with high quality material including genuine leather complete with padding on the wrist strap.

The Little Goose is lightweight and constructed to for durability. This all translates into a very comfortable experience particularly for those with smaller hands.

3. Tru-Fire Edge Black Release

Expect a smooth shooting from this option that is among the best bow release for accuracy you can get. This is a four finger bow release that has a spring-loaded trigger. It also one of the best archery thumb release functionality in the market. This helps to enhance the bold release and prevent distracting string torque.

It has a small head and streamlined aluminum handle that looks sharp and is very comfortable in your hands. Torque free shooting is possible with the 360 degree rotating head. The trigger travel is completely adjustable. The limited lifetime warranty gives you piece of mind that you’re covered for the future.

4. Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Release

For the hunters out there who want to keep both hands free, there's no need to look further. Many compound bow release reviews mention it. This has got to be one of the best archery release available in the handheld release category.

Like it’s brother the Edge Black, you are in the company of the best archery thumb release options. 11 ball bearings fill this hook style head that allows for maximum rotation of 360 degrees. As its namesake calls out, this is a four-finger thumb release that reduces string torque by a closer connect to the D loop.

Its adjustability reigns supreme as the trigger travel, head swivel, and trigger tension can all be adjusted. There’s also a removable “loop retainer” to prevent it from falling off your string when you’re not attached to it. The exceptional shooting experience will be the worth the price you will pay for this release.

5. Spot Hogg Wiseguy Bow Release

This release has a magnetic Velcro wrist wrap that is highly breathable to keep your hands from getting sweaty. The self-reloading hook will prevent the surprise of torque release.

Keep in mind that this release is compatible with D-Look designed bows only. Although it lacks a trigger travel, stiffness is gained through the failsafe trigger. You can tell that the Wiseguy is made from high quality material and will feel comfortable with the strategically placed padding. It’s on the lighter side of release weights so if you prefer a light trigger, this is the one for you.

If you want to achieve greater levels of accuracy then you must research the best archery release options in the market. Bows are expensive and while it’s tempting to buy cheaper components, this will affect its overall performance. You don’t have to be a seasoned archer to know that you are getting what you pay for with your chosen release. It would also be suggested that you try out a wrist release and handheld bow release to see which you prefer. As you hone your skills you will appreciate the improvements gained from a good purchase.

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