The Best Archery Targets Available – 2017 Reviews

Archery Targets

Just like any other sport, you need to invest in great gear. With archery that means much more than picking out the right bow. You will spend a lot of time practicing and that’s why you need the best archery target. Archery target reviews will help you narrow down your choices. But you need to decide the type of bow you will be using to determine what type of target to purchase. The three most common types are 3D practice, foam block, and bag targets.

Regardless of the type you chose, you will also want to consider these features;

1) Weather Resistance

2) Color

3) Durability

Here are five great options that encompass the three different types with those features considered:

Top 5 Best Archery Targets

1. Double Duty 400 FPS by Morrell

If you don’t feel like picking this target up after a practice to move it indoors, it’s waterproof material will withstand the elements. Durability is accomplished by the dense rubber that makes up its center nucleus with flex back foam.

Arrows are removed with minimal effort. The built in carrying handles makes the target easy to transport. It’s 4-sided field point target means that you can shoot on all four of its sides. You can play a different game on each side including nine balls, deer vitals, bull’s eye, and dartboard to add some variety to your practice. Add in the bonus of a two-year warranty and you can see why the Double Duty 400 FPS by Morell earns the title of the most durable archery target among the accessories reviewed.

2. RinehartA

The RinehartA is arguably the best archery target for broadheads. Its unique shape provides 18 different sides for targets. Plus the self-healing foam which essentially closes up holes, will last arrow after arrow.

The target is suitable for use by compound bows or crossbows, though you will want to stick with field points to get the most life out of it. Arrows won’t come out as easy when you compare it to others like the Double Duty. The target measures 15 by 15” and comes with a rope handle which makes the target easy to move around.

3. Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag

This is another archery target made by Morrell that lives up to their reputation. The Yellow Jacket is the best archery bag target in this review. Keep in mind that this archery target is designed for field points.

​It has a multi-layered design with 38 layers built in to stop arrows and keep its shape. It’s 100% waterproof so no need to check the weather if you want to leave it outside. Arrows will be easy to pull out, though you will want to rotate these targets between 75-100 shots as Morrell will recommend to maintain it.

4. Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target

This 5 pound target has a rectangular design that is easy to hang or mount. Made for indoor use, the handle is sturdy for easy transport. Field points would be the recommended type to use with it. The bright yellow coloring with black targets allow for high visibility.

The other side features off-center deer vitals to give you a realistic experience. Tri-core material inside the target works effectively to stop and remove arrows with one hand. The Field Logic Hurricane is one of the best archery bag target choices out there. The affordable price point makes it a great choice, especially for beginners who are working on building their targeting skills.

5. Rhinehart Woodland Buck Target

Of the 3D practice targets out in the market, the Rinehart Woodland Buck target does not disappoint. If you are looking for one of the best archery target for broadheads, it will meet your expectations. This 30” tall and 29” long, scaled down version of a whitetail is sized to simulate a 100-pound deer.

It’s recommended to shoot this target with compound bows and field points for the best results. The Rhinehart will withstand about 350 fps. Arrows and even crossbow bolts can be pulled out with relative ease. It is made from Solid FX Foam, a patented technology that has self-healing capabilities. This makes it a solid contender for the most durable archery target.

Especially for the beginner, choosing the right target can be difficult. You will need to do your research through reading archery target reviews such as this guide and word of mouth from enthusiasts you may know. Consider what you want to achieve when you determine the type of target to use. For instance, if your goal is not to improve your bow hunting skills, then a 3d practice target is probably not for you. Once you know the type of target, then you can factor in the durability, arrow stopping/removal, indoor/outdoor use that you desire. These steps will help you get the most of your investment and hone your skills.

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